Jun 222017

The perfect little black dress for this summer season – off the shoulder and pockets. Plus it’s cotton, perfect for hot weather. Dress it up or down. I’ll be wearing this a lot.

Outfit Details – Dress, Ann Taylor (here) || Shoes, Ann Taylor (old, love these)

Most of you know that I also am a Style Expert on a Canadian Show, Cityline. I do lots of make overs and segments on trends and how to dress your body. Yesterday a segment aired that I’m really proud of. I styled 5 real women and helped them find the best bathing suits for their bodies.

I wanted to share what I wrote on Instagram:

“Summer is here, the temperature is rising and now it’s time to find a bathing suit. It sounds so easy and yet is probably the most dreaded thing many women do when getting summer ready. It makes it that much harder when every woman that we see in the media in a bathing suit has a certain body and is a certain age range (the worst part is she’s been photoshopped). Click through most media ads, programming or retailer websites and tell me what you see? I don’t see myself and I bet you don’t see yourself either. I am so proud that @citylineca & @thetracymoore broke the model mode. They want to be the change and want us to love and accept our bodies. Bodies that have or are raising the next generation, bodies that are taking care of loved ones, bodies that are making our community better and bodies that are breaking ceilings and persisting. They tasked me to help viewers tackle their #FitChallenges when looking for a #bathingsuit – not problem areas, not imperfections but fit challenges (we all know that words hurt and we all have challenges). Looking at this group of models I bet most of us see ourselves. We see our bodies and how to get #bikiniready.”



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Jun 212017

pearl embellished jeans

I LOVE these jeans – pearl embellished jeans. I’ve worn them in my every day and then to functions and events. Functions and events with serious financial types. The men just look at my jeans and the women all come up to me to tell me who much they love them.

That’s what I love about clothing – the unexpected things that just work. Even when you think something is too much. It’s only clothes and we all need a bit of too much in our lives. The only annoying thing about these jeans is when you’re crossing your legs. The pearls start to hurt. I haven’t had to wash them and when I do I figure I’ll do that inside out and on delicate. Then hang to dry.

Outfit Details – Pearl Embellished Jeans, Banana Republic (sold out, same silhouette here, pearl embellished jeans here) || Blouse, Banana Republic (here, blue version here) || Shoes, Manolo Blahnik (here, upper mid versions here & mid range here) || Handbag, Dolce & Gahanna (here, black version here)




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Jun 182017

I warned you I would be posting lots of cold shoulder/off the shoulder/one shoulder outfits.

Outfit details : Top, Banana Republic (sold out, nice option here) || Jeans, Banana Republic (here) || Sandals, Salvatore Ferragamo (here)

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Jun 132017

Ann Taylor Maxi Skirt

I love a beautiful maxi skirt, but then again I love everything that fits me well and makes me feel pretty. I don’t care, I like to feel pretty, and this skirt makes me feel pretty. I’ve already worn it on Cityline and I’m showing you how to style it two different ways. Which one do you prefer?

Miriam Massei-0874

Miriam Massei-0821

Miriam Massei-0822

Miriam Massei-0808

Miriam Massei-0882

Outfit Details – Maxi Skirt, Ann Taylor (here, black version here, pants here) || One Shoulder Top, Ann Taylor (here) || Off White Top (here) || Sandals, Ann Taylor (here)







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Jun 122017

I truly enjoy working with and wearing Canadian fashion. There’s always a sense of pride when I walk around in great Canadian clothes. Today’s post features a young and I would say new Canadian brand – Grayes. Grayes has been around for about a year and the brand focuses of career wear for women. Simple and classic pieces that can be mixed and matched with your current wardrobe.

Grayes challenged me to select two pieces and create five different looks for the five working days of the week. Look 1 is above and features the two items I selected were The Blazer Dress:


and The Flare Pant:

This flare pant also has an extra inch/inch and a quarter length so great for tall girls as well.


Look 2 – Features the Flare Pant and is paired with a soft white blazer (here) and a blush blouse (old but similar here and here). Work appropriate and transitions well for after work events.


Look 3 : I wanted to pair these light wool pants for a simple but dressy after work look – and show the versatility of these pants. I paired it with the Reiss off the shoulder top (here). It’s dressy enough for a great date night or a fun night out with friends.


Look 4: Featuring the Blazer Dress as a blazer and paired for a casual day out with a white tank (old, similar here), jeans and a pair of heels. I ordered a size 6 in the Blazer Dress, it can be worn with a thin top or a tank. I wanted it closer to my body and that means no thick sweaters under the blazer for me.


Look 5 : I am wearing The Blazer Dress as a dress this time. Please remember I am six feet tall and this dress won’t be as short on many other women.

I hope you liked how I styled my #5daysofgrayes. Which is your favourite look?



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Jun 082017


Shopping for jeans is difficult, finding the perfect white distressed jeans is like finding the unicorn of jeans. Behold my Unicorn Jeans from Mark’s found here. They are true to size. I selected one size up and I wish I hadn’t, there is a lot of stretch and you don’t want them to get too big or baggy. I also love them because they don’t show anything! I have been living in these jeans.

If you have been following my blog or any of my social media channels you know that I’ve been partnering with Mark’s on video content. I love working with this brand and introducing it to new consumers and styling it in a way that surprises and delights women across Canada.

Miriam Massei-0674

It is hard to find a button down shirt when you are fuller chested. This one from Alfred Sung is nicely fitted and perfect for work or play.

Miriam Massei-0669

Miriam Massei-0667

Please know that this is NOT a sponsored post. I love these items of clothing and I wear them happily. Plus I keep on getting stopped and women are asking me where I got my jeans so I thought another post wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Miriam Massei-0671

Outfit Details: White Distressed Jeans, Mark’s (here) || Striped Shirt, Mark’s (here) || Sandals, Ann Taylor (here) || Handbag, Mulberry (here).




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Jun 082017

Red pants and stripes

I am going to apologize right now. There will be a lot of cold shoulder, off the shoulder, peek a boo shoulder, whatever they want to call it looks on this blog for the foreseeable future. Especially now that it’s summer. I used to love strapless anything. It doesn’t work for me anymore, but this, this works. It works every single time because all of us have great shoulders.

Miriam Massei-0659

Miriam Massei-0656

Miriam Massei-0661

Outfit Details – Top, Ann Taylor (here) || Pants Alice & Olivia (limited size here, black option here, similar options in different colours here, here , here & here)|| Please know that these pants come very long and run small.

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Jun 042017


My hair journey has taken another turn with Sassoon Toronto. With this new year I went back to my roots and darkened my hair as close to my natural colour as possible. I love dark hair for the winter months, plus my hair needed a break from the bleach highlights that helped me become a blonde. I knew I would go back to blonde and decided that this last appointment was a good a time as any.

My colourist Tara talked me through my various options when going blonde and then she told me her plan – warm blonde highlights, a half head with lighter blonde highlights around my crown. A great change for the summer months but in keeping with the warm brunette tones I had selected with my last visit. I have a great respect for colourists and hair stylists – when they tell me what they think I go with their advice. It’s their job to know.


When I was finished getting my highlights I received a repair hair treatment. With the use of styling appliances, a build up of styling products and over processing can result in damaged hair. Over processing, the use of styling appliances, and buildup from styling products can result in damaged hair. The Sassoon repair treatment fortifies the hair fiber, with significant improvement in strength and resilience from roots to ends, protecting it from future damage.

I was ecstatic with the colour Tara had selected and the final step was to get my hair cut by Wesley. He had laryngitis so I read my book and he concentrated on my hair. I love the cut I received last time, long layers that show off those easy curls, and Wesley trimmed it a bit and kept those long easy layers. The result was another great great experience at Sassoon Toronto.

I have been JOKINGLY called Becky and this Becky was happy.

Blouse – Banana Republic (here); Jeans – Banana Republic (not available in Canada, limited in US).

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May 312017

Miriam Massei-0916

A one shoulder top is all the rage for this summer.

Miriam Massei-0901

Miriam Massei-0904

Miriam Massei-0908

Miriam Massei-0906

Miriam Massei-0918

Outfit Details – Top, Banana Republic (sold out but different pattern here; great options here, here, here and something different here) || Jeans, Banana Republic (here, light wash here) || Shoes, Banana Republic (old, but some options here, here, here and here) || Handbag, D&G (here)

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