Oct 202014

I have been looking for the perfect legging – it has to be higher waisted, fit snuggly and not get saggy after wearing. Leggings are everywhere this season so I spent the day trying on various pairs – my criteria was they had to be black and basic (I already have the perfect faux leather pair). I found two great products. The first was from WHBM that you can find here. The main reasons I loved this legging is because it is high waisted and a great weight. It is thicker and the fabric has a great stretch which is slimming and comfortable. I recently did a shopping tour of Yorkdale for a contest winner and the woman I was leading throughout the centre asked me about leggings. I promptly brought her to WHBM and she bought those leggings because of the reasons I just stated. If you click the link above and read the reviews by other customers you’ll see why this is such a popular pant. The second legging I loved and the ones I am wearing is this pair from Chico’s, the Raleigh Legging found here. It sits below the natural waist and the fabric has this luxury feel about it. The weather in Toronto has been neurotic – cold one day warm the other. These leggings are the perfect transition from spring/fall/winter…honestly I don’t know what is going on but I do know I love these leggings and am glad I got them.

Just remember that leggings are NOT pants. Wear a longer top with them, I don’t want to see the waist band. A great rule of thumb is that the top cover the bum.

Anyone else have a story about the perfect legging?

Leggings and layers

Tristan Scarf


Outfit Details – Leggings, Chico’s (here) || Tunic, c/o Chico’s (old, similar cuts here and here) || Denim Jacket, Gap || Scarf, Tristan || Brogues, Sam Edelman (here, brown version in CAN)

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Oct 182014

family fun in Croatia

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you saw pictures of my first family trip on a plane to Croatia. I was excited about the trip but I also dreaded it. Everyday things can be a challenge with children, flying and being trapped on an airplane with four can spell disaster for you and make you the target of angry strangers just trying to fly in peace. Moreover, driving through a European country with tight windy roads, in a nine seater van, can lead to lots of “Are We There Yet” fatigue. Last year when my husband and I went to Croatia I was on a plane in front of a child who kicked my seat, so I knew what if felt like to be on the receiving end of a bored child.

I am not a great planner, while my husband is the master of organization. Now for this trip I knew the only way it was going to be success was if my husband and I had everything ready before we left and this trip really was a team effort. So here are some tips for travelling with children:

1. Know your Roles – My husband is the best trip planner I have ever known. He was in charge of the itinerary and I was in charge of making sure all the kids stuff was purchased and packed. Division of labour is key here, no one person can or should do it all.

2. Plan Early, Buy Early – Once our trip to Croatia was booked I started to look for deals on items we would need to bring and my husband booked flights and hotels for early discount rates. For example, one of the best purchases I made occurred in February when our family went to New Jersey. On our way home we stopped off at an outlet mall where we picked up four Ralph Lauren backpacks on heavy discount. These backpacks would be the carry on luggage for our children and they would hold electronics, games, books etc. Another example, once Costco had their snorkelling gear out we picked up a set for each child. My husband had the itinerary ready and we knew what we were doing and would need.  This helped with packing and made my job easier.

  • - Tip: Shop Back to School sales (I did all mine at Staples, but Walmart & Target are also great places) and have travel supplies on hand.


3. Get the Kids Involved and Excited – Every family starts their dialogue at different times. My oldest daughter is 10 and my oldest son is 9. With them we were talking about the trip right when we booked to get them more engaged and had them research to see where we were going. When we bought the backpacks we let them know they would be used for the trip and would be carrying what they needed/wanted for the plane and on the road trip. My middle son is 7 and he was in a grey zone – some early interest and then it would fizzle. My youngest is 4 and we didn’t get him too excited until closer to departure.

4. What to pack in everyones Carry On – This is what I packed for every one of my children, myself and my husband:

  • - one change of clothes (t shirt & shorts, this takes little room), underwear, flip flops and a bathing suit. If you lose your luggage you at least have some clothes and a bathing suit and still are vacation ready and you don’t have to spend time re-buying things until luggage is found. I knew of a family that had their luggage lost while traveling to Croatia this summer so it can happen to you. In fact, my husband had his luggage lost on the way home.
  • - fully charged electronic devices, chargers and electrical converters for Europe. This one seems like a no brainer so sorry if I am stating the obvious. I am fortunate that we have lots of gadgets and tablets. Every child had access to a tablet and all tablets had their favourite apps (we have iPads, Google Nexus and a Kobo. I had to buy some apps twice. Just think of it as buying your sanity). At home we have very limited screen time but for this trip all bets are off. Don’t listen to the tsk tsk of other parents. Do what gets you to your next destination stress free.


5. What to pack in the kids Carry On – For me it was all about keeping them occupied when we travelled in the airplane and keeping boredom at bay during the remainder of the trip

  • - a deck of cards. We had a set of Uno cards and a regular deck or cards. The Uno cards got the most play and were used in every city/town we visited.
  • - crayons or coloured pencils and a book to draw/write in. I had stocked up on school supplies during the Back to School sale at Staples so I was ready for this trip. Back to School sales are a great time to stock up if you and your family travel a lot.
  • - books to read


6. Pack Medical Essentials – My family does not have the best of luck – stitches, staples and allergic reactions are our norm. For this trip I packed Benadryl Allergy, Children’s Tylenol, Adult Tylenol and bandages. I could have bought all of this in Croatia but I figured it would just be easier if I had it instead of trying to find it. My father-in-law needed stitches and my husband had a spider bite plus the Benadryl Allergy was used by an extended family member.

7. Let kids make some of their own decisions – For example, let them pick out an outfit to pack, let them choose the restaurant while on vacation or stay on the resort because they don’t want to see one more church. I call this picking your battles because you want to win the war. NO ONE likes to be told what to do for an entire vacation, allowing them to choose activities will make it more enjoyable for everyone.

8. Check the Weather – Yeah I know this sounds like a no brainer. Croatia has HOT summers, 40 degrees Celsius plus, but this summer they had lots of rain and mild temperatures. My husband followed the weather and was in contact with others that were travelling in Croatia. We packed pants and sweatshirts, something my husband I never did in our past travels during the summer months in Croatia. We were lucky, the first two weeks of our vacation we didn’t need them but the last few days we all wore jeans and long sleeve shirts. Global warming people!

Our family trip to Croatia was perfect. We are already planning to go back. Being of Croatian background makes it easy to travel because we already know the language. For everyone else this country is a great destination and has a booming tourist industry. You can hear German, English, French and Spanish spoken in major Croatian cities and smaller destinations. The plane ride was smooth and the kids were well behaved. That’s not to say that there wasn’t some kicking of seats (that was taken care of right away) or boredom but we dealt with it and survived! My trip was successful because of the points above. I didn’t set out to create a list of tips when travelling with children but once the trip was all said and done I realized I did use several strategies that helped make the trip so memorable. I hope that this post helps you make your next family destination a success.

This is the first post about my Croatian holidays. I plan on doing at least one more in the next month.




The red, white and blue theme was a coincidence. Just realized it when I posted these picks. Yeah, the boys and girls are colour coded to match. It must be subliminal.

Ivan and Iva


Leaving on a Jet Plane


It was my husbands idea to monogram each back pack and it was a great touch to a wonderful vacation.

Packing for Six

 Yup, that’s how we rolled!

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Oct 172014

Things have been hectic lately, Thanksgiving was spent in Sudbury, I was a MC for a political fundraiser, I am getting ready for two Halloween segments (for one show), my oldest son turned 9 and we’re having our first big class party plus there is just the everyday with the kids and husband (we almost missed the bus this morning, the driver waited a few extra minutes as we rushed to pack our lunches and get out the door). I have been feeling tired and it showed on my skin. This past week I got busy and forgot to take care of me – typical of all women regardless if you have small children, big children or no children. We take care of others first, ourselves second. I dropped the ball on my Conair challenge and it showed in my skin. Last night I “scrubbed” my skin clean with the Sonic brush and I am writing this post after using the Facial Sauna. I took 12 minutes out of my morning for the sauna and my skin feels vibrant and I have the lovely scent of my Clarins moisturizer lingering.

That’s all I had time for but it was enough.

I feel energized and my skin looks and feels better. Life took over my blog postings and that’s ok because it happens to everyone.  I’m just happy I got back into the swing of things and my skin is back to feeling clean and healthy with a bit of a glow (I see the glow after finding 12 minutes to myself).

If you can find 12 minutes in your day Conair has a giveaway for the entire True Glow line here. The contest closes today.



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Oct 162014

When I did my last Cityline segment I pulled some great coats from LOFT and Crossbodies from Pursebox. Now, I didn’t keep any of them but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t do a few quick posts featuring a few of my favourite pieces. First post features this classic bomber with a twist and crossbody handbag.

Bomber Jacket

LOFT Bomber

Bomber Jacket


Outfit Details – Bomber, LOFT (here) || Blouse, JCrew (on clearance, similar herehere) || Pants, JCrew (here) || Crossbody, Pursebox || Booties, c/o Guilhermina || Bracelet, Citrus Silver

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Oct 152014

I have wearing lots of dresses, culottes, leggings and joggers (more on those later). Today it’s back to basics.

Blazer & Boyfriend Jeans

Striped Sweater

Blazer & Boyfriend Jeans


Outfit Details – Blazer, Burberry (JCrew here, Banana Republic option here, ASOS here) || Boyfriend Jeans, Gap (similar here, here and here)  Sweater, LOFT (here) || Shoes, Nine West (hereCAN, US black version here & nude version here) || Handbag, Mulberry

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Oct 102014

To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to reviewing the True Glow Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial Sauna, I really just wanted one of the mirrors (I don’t have a mirror and my mom complains about us not having one when she visits, I know I should just buy one but I don’t use them and they become some type of weapon in my house). The product looks nice but it had all these compartments and instructions that I thought were going to be confusing. I am more of a visual learner and when I have to read instructions my eyes glaze over. I need to get over that. The instructions where clear and concise. I lost the original set that came with the unit and the instructions are available online right there with all the information about the product on Conair’s website. Once I calmed down and used the product all I had to do was take the cup provided and fill one chamber with water and turn the machine one. Voila!

It takes about 3 to 4 minutes for the steam to work and once it does take the time to enjoy it on your face and neck. I took the 12 minutes I set aside the first time to feel the steam opening my pores and listened to the steam as it escaped into the main chamber. It was quite soothing. The cool mist option cools down your skin and close your pores. My best piece of a advice is to use your favourite moisturizer. I used Clarins Extra Firming Day. It has this light floral scent which just added to the experience of using the Warm Steam and the light scent stayed with me longer (I swear I could still smell it over an hour later). My face and neck felt softer and supple and I just loved that. I had to stop myself from constantly touching my face.

If you love facials but don’t have time/money to get them regularly and have a dedicated skin routine this may be a really good product for you. The Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial Sauna is VERY easy to use and the instructions are easy to follow. The chord is quite long which makes it portable and you can use it wherever you like. The only part of the design I didn’t like where the nobs and markings. The nobs (outside silver component sets for sauna or mist and small pink nob sets the time) didn’t feel right with the design and the markings were hard to read because they were in white and very small. I can read them now but it a couple of years I could see myself struggling.

I’m happy I received the product to review. I’ve used it once a week for 3 weeks on my face and neck and it’s a nice way to unwind.

Remember you can win the entire True Glow by entering here for #TGTime4Me


Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial Sauna


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Oct 092014

This past weekend I attended another blogger conference Blissdom Canada. I left that conference full of ideas, learnings and actionable findings. My market research brain was sated because the sessions I attended where led by industry heavy weights like editors Jennifer Reynolds, Brandie Wiekle and Sandra E. Martin and speakers Shelagh Cummins and Scott Stratten (unmarking).  That was only half of it, I attended the conference with my crew (we don’t have a name, still looking), this crew is composed of women I met through Mumnet, a mother’s group here in Toronto.  This group was formed so we could help each other tackle blogging and social media. We pushed each other to make new contacts, upped our social media game by tweeting during the conference and are going to share our learnings. I had so many other things going on that I couldn’t participate in the #Bliss parties at night. I am hoping to experience all of Blissdom next year.

The one thing I learned from Blogpodium is that the meeting rooms are cold so be prepared and I was. I originally saw this Tristan Scarf on Cityline’s Fashion Fridays with Lynn Spence and knew I had to get it – plaid on one side and herringbone on the other, pure genius! The Yorkdale store had sold out of the scarf and had to re-stock their shelves after the episode aired. This is a very large scarf that is almost like a wrap or a blanket and allows you to be creative. I wore this outfit for the first day of Blissdom and kept the scarf in my bag for the other two days. Because I wore basics during the conference this scarf went with everything.

To keep the scarf in place I belted it with this skinny bow belt from Banana Republic but I could have easily added other colours or patterns to this scarf. I wore it more like a cloak/cape and had women asking me about my “coat”. When I explained it was just a scarf and showed them how I had styled it some made mental notes. Many women told me it would be perfect for rinks during hockey/skating season.  I love the rich tones of this tartan/plaid and the herringbone is a perfect fall neutral pattern. You will see it in heavy rotation over the next few months.

I was one of the few style bloggers at this particular conference and women who knew me were curious to see what I would be wearing. Many where happy to see I was wearing a few of my favourite things that I had just featured on my blog like these faux leather leggings.

Tristan Boutique Tartan Scarf

Boutique Tristan Scarf

Boutique Tristan Scarf

Boutique Tristan Scarf


Wearing – Scarf, Tristan (here, Burberry wish list here) || Tunic, JCrew (similar in Canada, similar US) || Faux Leather Leggings, Ann Taylor (here, WHBM leather version here) || Shoes, Nine West (hereCAN) || Belt, Banana Republic (old, similar here, gold here, great option here)

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Oct 082014

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I was at a wedding over the weekend. I was struggling with what to wear and decided on a classic little black dress (lbd). LBDs are great because you can easily dress them up with the right jewelry and shoes.

Pink Tartan Dress

Cocoa Jewelry Earrings

Pink Tartan LBD

Wearing – LBD, Pink Tartan here || Earrings, c/o Cocoa Jewelry || Shoes, Jimmy Choo (here) || Cuff, Ann Taylor (here, similar here, luxe version here)

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Oct 062014

I have noticed that there are so many pant options right now and we all know I’ve been a little obsessed with traditional culottes and now these J.Crew Collection Pant, which are a cropped wide leg trouser. Starting out nice and slow with this sartorial choice.
J.Crew Collection Pants

J.Crew Collection Pant

J.Crew Collection Cropped wide leg trouser

I had to beat Tracy to the punch and post these beautiful Guilhermina Booties.

J.Crew Collection Cropped Wide leg pants

 Wearing: Sweater, J.Crew (old, similar here, here, here, here) || Pants, JCrew (similar here, here, here, here, here & here) || Shoes, Stuart Weitzman (old, similar here & here) || Booties, c/o Guilhermina || Bag, Furla (old, similar here, and love this style here, here & here)

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Oct 032014

One of the perks of this blog is that I get to test some great products. Conair Canada approached me to review a few of their products that are part of their True Glow Collection – Sonic Skincare Solution and the Warm Steam and Cool its Facial Sauna. For the next four Fridays I will be updating you on my progress and reviewing these two products. For today’s post I’m going to review the Sonic Skincare Solution brush. I love skincare brushes and am amazed with how great they make my skin feel. I will be talking about the mechanics of this product specifically.

What does this brush do? Conair says, without irritation, it unclogs pores and washes away the embedded dirt and oil that can cause breakouts and dull, patchy, tired-looking skin. This sonic brush prepares skin to absorb moisturizers better–and fully moisturized skin is radiant skin. Regular use of the Sonic Skincare Solution leaves skin feeling healthier and looking its best.

Some of the features include:
– Gentle enough to use as part of an everyday cleansing regimen
– Waterproof and safe for use in the shower
– Includes two brush heads for face and body
– 3 speeds
– Automatic even-cleanse timer tells you to move to another area of your face every 10 seconds
– Fully rechargeable
– Charging stand included

I have been using the product for two weeks and I can say that it is very gentle and there is a marketed difference with the three speeds. I prefer the hi speed for my face. I like to feel it scrubbing the dirt out of my pores (that look smaller after using cleansing brushes). I don’t have sensitive skin and need to scrub my tough face. Now I don’t always wash my face twice a day – I get tired but when I have it has not irritated my skin (no redness whatsoever). I have used the product in the shower on several occasions and I can attest that it is indeed waterproof. I always get nervous using it in the shower but you shouldn’t. It will work! What I really like is that it includes the body brush. I tried it out and it works well, it’s nice because it gently gets rid of peeling or dry skin without irritation. I would like if Conair offered a brush that is a bit “rougher” for both face and body to really scrub dry skin and am hoping that they can offer that in the future. Now not sure if that would irrigate skin but I am interested. The brushes are really easy to remove and switch out (easier then it’s competition).

I have started to ignore the timer and use it as long as I feel fit. It’s a nice option in the beginning but it depends on how busy I am in the morning or what else is going on in my day. The shape of the product is nice, sleek and easy to hold. This product is a wonderful addition to a beauty regime and the price for this product is great at $99.99, which includes the two brushes for face and body.

Now for something fun – Conair is giving away the full line of True Glow products (four in total) and you can enter the contest here on their Facebook page.

What do you think of skincare brushes?

Happy Friday Everyone!

TGSFB2C_3qtr_whitebrush_slf_s true_glow_logo_broken

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