Apr 232015

Baked Spring Rolls

Last year I re-connected with a few women that I met in a mother’s group when my children where younger. We started a business/social media “support group”. We help each other navigate through this new social media world and keep each other accountable for our blog/business goals. There are six of us and we all have different blog/business interests. One member of our group is Alison. Alison runs the blog Sticky Kitchen, which helps busy households plan and prepare nutritious meals. Whenever we meet at Alison’s she organizes a group cook and last time we met we made Baked Spring Rolls. These pork and vegetable spring rolls were surprisingly easy to make and 3 out of my 4 children loved them. I did as well but my husband never got a chance to try them, maybe next time. Today’s post features the recipe and if you like this dish you’ll sure to find loads of other recipes you’ll like on Sticky Kitchen.

Spring rolls are perfect to make with a friend. Rolling can take about 40 minutes depending on how large you make your wraps so it is the perfect time to socialize. Though children love to eat this spring rolls the process can be difficult for most – rated 14yr+.

Baked Spring Rolls


-300grams lean ground pork

-8 garlic clovespeeled

-1 large onion5 medium carrots

-1 medium jicama

-50 TYJ spring rolls pastry

-2  teaspoons canola oil

-5 tablespoons oyster sauce

-1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper


1. In a food processor pulse garlic cloves until minced, remove and set aside in a small bowl.

2. Next peel and quarter the onion and process onion until finely chopped. Remove and set aside.

3. Peel and slice carrots into 3 cm pieces and process in the food processor until finely chopped. Remove and set aside.

4. Peel and roughly chop the jicama and process in the food processor until finely chopped.

5. Add 2 teaspoons canola oil in a 12 inch frying pan heated over medium heat. Add chopped onion and cook on medium low stirring often for approximately 8 minutes until soft but not brown. Add garlic and cook stirring constantly for 1 minute.

6. Add pork breaking up into small pieces with a spatula and continue to cook until pork is no longer pink, approximately 10 minutes.

7. Add carrots and cook for approximately 3 minutes. Stir in the jicama, oyster sauce and pepper. Remove from heat to cool a bit before rolling.

8. Fill a small bowl with water. Cover the spring rolls wrappers with a damp paper towel while rolling so they don’t dry out.

9.Lay one spring roll wrapper on a clean work surface with the point facing up and place 2 tablespoons of filling on the top 1/3 of the wrapper. Fold the 2 side points into touch each other and dab with a bit of water to hold together. Then starting from the top roll the wrapper around the filling. Dab the bottom corner with water and roll up to seal.

10.Repeat with the remaining filling and wrappers. One batch should make 35-40 spring rolls.

11. Freeze rolls on a cookie sheet and then transfer to a container until ready to bake.

12. Lightly grease a baking sheet with canola oil and add the spring rolls brushing or spraying the tops with oil.

13. Bake from frozen at 400 degrees for approximately 20-25 minutes turning once. Spring rolls should be crisp and golden.

Recipe link here.

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Apr 222015

The coat for this season is the deconstructed trench coat. This one is from Aritzia and it’s a basic black. I love the fact that it’s supposed to be wrinkled and look a bit dishevelled. That’s how I usually feel on the inside.Aritzia Deconstructed Trench

Yoga Jeans

Aritzia Babaton Lawson Trench Coat

Outfit details – Deconstructed Trench – Aritzia (LOFT option here, Great Club Monaco options here, here & here) || Blouse, WHBM (here) || Jeans, Yoga Jeans || Shoes, JCrew (sold out, cute bow option herehere) || Handbag, Gucci

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Apr 212015

I’ve been going to the gym regularly. I hate going to the gym, I don’t like to workout but I understand the importance of exercise. Right now my workout regime consists of lots of cardio and some weights. My secret to cardio consistency is easy I watch episodes of The Newsroom and The Wire while I’m doing it. I finished The Newsroom and I am on season 5 of The Wire, I actually look forward to the workouts so I can watch the next episode, hey whatever works right? Anyone else have secrets to getting through their workouts?

Bench Canada 1

Something else that makes the workouts bearable is stylish attire. I love the addition of perforated panels to work out leggings, these Bench Canada ones are not very sheer and have a great texture. Once you have the basics it’s nice to have options. These leggings have lots of stretch in them so you may have to go down a size. Bonus for me is that they are highvwaisted.

Bench Canada also has a great selection of hoodies and shirts to complete any workout outfit. I select greys and blacks that could easily be styled with brighter colours or perfect pastels.

Bench Canada 3

Bench Canada 4

Outfit c/o Bench Canada.

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Apr 182015

Every year I buy one good dress that I will wear over and over again. If you follow me on Instagram you will notice that last year’s dress was my black Pink Tartan dress with 3/4 length sleeves. I wore it constantly, to weddings, PR events, parties and political fundraisers. Special occasions call for a special dress. I would rather have one good dress and wear it everywhere then 4 OK dresses. Let me introduce you to my dress of 2015, Karen Millen’s Sporty Lace Pencil Dress. It is available in very limited sizes since I bought it at the end of  February  when I was in London but had no where to wear it until now.

First event for this dress is the Canadian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards Gala where Ontario’s Premier, Kathleen Wynne, will be the keynote speaker. Next event will be my niece’s baptism followed by my son’s first communion. I know exactly what I will be wearing over and over again, this Karen Millen dress.

Karen Millen Dress

Karen Millen Sporty Lace Pencil Dress

Karen Millen Dress, side profile

Karen Millen 4


Karen Millen Sporty Lace Pencil Dress

 Outfit Details – Dress, Karen Millen (limited sizing here & here, similar cut here and here)

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Apr 172015

Recently there was a story about a woman wearing a white blouse and black trousers to work every day. It is her work uniform, easy to wear, no stress and always looks professional. Many of us have a uniform for work, play and everything in between. I think uniforms are a great idea and an easy way to always look your best. When I looked at these photos it struck me how similar this outfit was to that of the woman in the story, Matilda Kahl, but also something most women in the Western world have worn at one time or another.

I couldn’t wear this “outfit” every day but I did wear it to a meeting this week because it is easy and professional. One woman in the meeting asked me how I always looked so fresh and put together (I don’t, drive by my house in the morning when I’m with the kids waiting for the bus to see if it’s a fresh day or not). It doesn’t always come easy I told her but I have my reason why I usually try (especially when I am meeting with potential clients): If I don’t have 5 or 10 minutes to invest in myself, why would a stranger or anybody else invest 5 or 10 minutes of their time in me?

My mother instilled this mantra in me without her knowing it. She always took pride in her appearance, she got up every morning before her shift at Hiram Walker and took time for herself. She did her hair applied a bit of make up and put on her work uniform (t-shirt and jeans/dark pants). When I had my first child she always told me to take some time for myself regardless of anything else going on. She knew that this would be the time women start taking the back seat for their families and some never come back to the driver’s seat. She NEVER wanted her daughter to feel less than even when I was feeling less than. She also understood the power of clothing and so did many Croatian women I knew growing up (my teta/aunt Jela knew the power of shoes). I see these women sporadically when I go home to Windsor and they still look great, most of them are in their 60s and are grandmothers but that pride is there. A pride built on hard work (usually on a factory floor), a love of family and time for themselves.

Black Trim Blouse 1

Black Trim Blouse 2

Black Trim Blouse 3

Black Trim Blouse 4

These pants are amazing! A relaxed work pant with an elastic band.

Outfit Details – Shirt, Express (old but they keep on bringing it back here) || Pants, Ann Taylor (here) || Shoes, Express (old but brought back this season here) || Handbag – Gucci (here) || Bracelet, Citrus Silver (here)

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Apr 142015

I love this dress, it’s comfortable, classic but right now very on trend. It’s similar to the Aritzia dress in stores now but at a fraction of the cost. Plus it washes well, thank you Reitmans.

Reitmans Grey Dress

Reitmans Grey Dress w/ black tights


Outfit Details – Grey Dress, Reitmans (similar here) || Shoes, Guilhermina c/o || Handbag, Mulberry (old, black version here) || Coat, Aritzia

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Apr 082015

Today I am on Cityline making over the Weight Loss Challenge Winners and then I am giving advice on how to dress 3 different body types. Just wanted to share what I’ll be wearing on today’s show.

WHBM Outfit Worn on Cityline

WHBM Midi Skirt

Coco Jewelry

Green WHBM Blouse - Worn on Cityline

Just wanted to mention that these jeans are the tall version of the Look Out JCrew jeans and that they need to be really tight because they stretch and will look slouchy. They are also a high rise which I just love but wish I would have ordered the smaller size because they do stretch but I still wear mine because I like the slouch affect. Oh and I wore neutral shoes on the show but my feet HATED me because the heel was so high and I was in them too long so I didn’t dare put them on during this particular photo day.

1st Outfit – Skirt, WHBM (here) || Blouse, WHBM (here) || Shoes, WHBM (neutral colour on sale here, similar black option on sale here) || Belt, Banana Republic (old, similar here, here, wide belt option here) || Jewelry, Cocoa Jewelry (c/o here)

2nd Outfit – Blouse, WHBM (here) || Jeans, Jcrew (here) || Shoes, JCrew (sold out) || Necklace, Lia Sophia (old, similar here, WHBM version from show here)

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Apr 032015

I think I’m like most people, I LOVE a good deal. What I don’t love is the endless emails I get from retailers announcing their deals every day or just sending me emails announcing whatever is that they think I should know. It’s a full time job just to manage all these emails plus 99% of the time you don’t shop the sale. I have unsubscribed from all of them but 3. The timing was pretty funny when RetailMeNot.ca approached me to participate in a fun competition.

RetailMeNot.ca is a digital offers site that compiles the best in-store and online deals for some of your favourite retailers. Relatively new to Canada, RetailMeNot.ca aims to help every Canadian develop savvy spending habits on everything from clothes to more practical purchases like savings on tax returns!

For my participation in the RetailMeNot.ca challenge (#RMNchallenge), they provided me with a $250 Visa gift card. With this gift card, I was invited to a fun and friendly challenge with fellow bloggers to see how much we can save on items we would normally purchase by using RetailMeNot.ca.

I already knew a few things I needed/wanted and couldn’t wait for the competition. The website is very easy to move around in and I love that when I find a deal I like I can easily copy the code and use in the participating retailers website. Another great feature is that there is box that tells you if the coupon is being successfully used by other RetailMeNot.ca users and when the coupon was used last. Moreover, there are a variety of retailers and deals, it’s not limited to just clothing, a few examples include health, services, travel and photography (but I stuck to clothing). There are lots of American on-line retailers so just be aware of shipping costs and currency rates if you purchase from them.

What did I buy you ask? Well my biggest score was a pair of JCrew Kitten heels that were regularly $358 (with conversion & tax it would be $512.86) that were on sale but at $201, JCrew had a coupon for 30% off coupon when you spend over $200 so when it was all said and done I got the shoes for $159.33 with tax ($200.22 with conversion)!! That is $312.64 savings on just the shoes!! The reason I splurged on the shoes was because I spent the day filming in 4 inch heels and I can tell you my feet still hate me, sensible heels it had to be. With the last $50 I bought this Gap dress, which I got on sale for $58.45 ($66.65 with tax. It was regularly $89.95, but with the RetailMeNo.ca coupon it was 35% off). So in total I saved approximately $340! Not bad.

Jcrew heel


Gap Dress

The dress is available in regular, tall and petite sizes (here). Necklace, Cocoa Jewelry (old), Shoes, c/o Guilhermina (here)

Now a little something for my Canadian readers (sorry to everyone else), RetailMeNot.ca is giving one of you a $100 gift card so you can indulge in a little retail therapy and save some money!

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Mar 272015

My favourite local boutique, Carriage Trade, carries Gerry Weber pieces. I love the cut and styling of the line. It’s one of those lines that you want to see the entire offering because you know that you’re not seeing all of the fabulous things it has to offer. Now here’s why I love the line so much:

“GERRY WEBER offers a unique blend of fashion, lifestyle and customer experience under one roof. Designed with a woman´s body in mind, GERRY WEBER´s contemporary design provides women 30+ with premium style-conscious offerings without making a compromise to the brand´s high standards of quality. The GERRY WEBER store carries four fashion brands housed under the GERRY WEBER entity – GERRY WEBER, GERRY WEBER EDITION, GERRY WEBER ACCESSORIES and TAIFUN – each with a distinct look and feel, designed with a certain woman in mind.”

A brand that openly courts women over 30! I just can’t get enough of that.

I am excited to announce that yesterday Gerry Weber opened up it’s flagship store in Yorkdale, with seven more stores slated to open in Ontario this year. With the launch of this new story Gerry Weber is hosting giveaways and offering discounts to its Yorkdale shoppers this weekend (March 26-29).

Stop by, try on some of the pieces and let me know what you think. Pretty sure you already know I’m a big fan.


Gerry Weber discount Gerry Weber


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