Jan 152018

My Hair Story with Sassoon last year saw me play with many different hues – I went back to my “roots” literally as I started the year off with dark brown hair, then slowly ended up as a blonde again.


I learned how damaging heat and the sun is for hair and I learned to protect my hair. I also kept my length and became “known” for my curled hair. The most asked question I get is “How do you curl my hair?”. I use a simple wand and don’t use any product. I also tested lots of shampoos and keep going back to salon brands for my hair (with the exception of hair thickening shampoo).

When Sassoon asked me to come back as an influencer this year it was an easy Yes. You see I had become a regular client. I loved the experience at Sassoon and my hair looked amazing.

What would my hair story be for 2018? Well so far its toning of the blonde. I am going to continue being a blonde – just not as bright. My first Sassoon visit of 2018 saw me meet with a new colourist (for me) John. We discussed what I wanted (to stay blonde) but I also asked him for his opinion. We decided that I would tone down the blonde and add a more sandy shade. This would decrease the bleach colour and give my hair a rest.  I also had a treatment to moisturize my colour treated hair.

When John was done with me it was time to see Tricia. We talked about the condition of my hair. She told me that given that I dye it blonde and curl it the ends were in pretty good shape. I didn’t want to cut off too much length and she said we didn’t have too. We would keep the long layers and my part wasn’t moving from the middle. I am going to keep growing my hair for 2018. I think that will be the big change for me.

Below are the latest photos of me with my hair freshly cut and styled.


What about you? Are you planning anything new for your hair?

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Dec 212017

Outfit Details – Blazer, Zara || Blouse, Joseph Ribkoff || Jeans, JCrew || Pin, Chanel || Bag, D&G || Shoes, Peter Kaiser




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Dec 182017

I’m not what you think of when you think of a “gamer” well mostly because I’m not. However, when you have 3 boys you quickly learn that gaming will be part of your life (my daughter is not a big gamer, she is given every opportunity to participate but not a fan). My boys have a PS3 and iPads. They’re still young – 12, 10 and 8 – so we’re just starting. When Sonya invited me and the rest of the women of Auburn Lane (here to learn more about us) to experience Windows Mixed Reality we were all in. I wanted to learn about the future of gaming and what my sons where sure to be getting into – so did all the other women who are also mothers.

I am going to be very honest – Microsoft had people there and they led us on the adventure while holding our hands (ok some of us needed more hand holding then the others – namely me). You need a PC ( with Windows 10 to operate it) and headsets before you start. Microsoft doesn’t make the head sets, however, there are lots of great options on the market. We wore the Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset with Motion Controllers. Make sure you adjust them and tighten them accordingly.

I was told that all you need to do is plug the system into your computer and follow the prompts. I also learned that mixed reality is the blend of the virual reality world and use of controllers – meaning that you have to move to be playing. The controllers are paired via Bluetooth with the headset to interact with each other. With one controller in each hand you can use the triggers and buttons to perform functions. It took me a while to figure out how to use everything. I am positive my boys would figure it our in seconds.

We were transported into a beautiful beach house with (what seemed like) millions of game options but in reality its like 20,000 Windows apps and 360 videos plus all the other content you can get – so to give you a taste you can play games, launch Netflix, solve puzzles, enjoy your favourite apps or go on a tour of Machu Picchu as one of us did. I mean it’s not just Machu Picchu you can explore but you get the idea.

Photo Credit Libby Roach

You need about 10 feet of clear space when you are playing Mixed Reality because you will be moving when you play and we all played MR: Move Out of the Room. Move Out of the Room is an Escape Room game with lots of different tasks you need to complete – like find clues, secret codes, keys – to get the heck out.  With the headset we were able to walk around the room, peer behind objects and look into other spaces. With the motion controllers we were able to virtually grab items and I have to admit I made such a mess in that room because I didn’t have to clean it up so there. I was throwing everything.

Photo Credit Libby Roach

I learned that with Virtual Reality (VR) gaming there is a fear of feeling “woozy” and to make sure  this doesn’t happen you need to do a few things – remember you have to have the headset secured at the right eye view and take breaks from the screen. I played for about a half an hour and didn’t feel anything but if you are sensitive to VR please take care. Sonya is the most sensitive and she didn’t report any problems.

Photo Credit Libby Roach

I did get caught in the wires a few times but still had a great time playing. I’ve been told it’s just a matter of time before these units are wireless. Then I say all bets are off! It was great to experience VR with Microsoft Mixed Reality and peer into my future because the future is now.


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Dec 182017

Outfit Details – Gold Sequins Blazer, Zara (sold out great options here & black option here) || Button Down, Holt Renfrew (old, great option here, here) || Jeans, JCrew  (sold out, great option here) || Shoes, Peter Kaiser || Handbag, D&G


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Dec 152017

It’s the holiday season and for all of us that means shopping and presents – from toys, electronics and clothing to decor and the food I’ll be serving while entertaining. The average Canadian is planning to spend approximately $1400 celebrating this holiday season so every dollar saved counts! For my family and I the holidays mean Christmas so that means before I started my Christmas shopping I headed to RetailMeNot.ca (here) to find the best promo codes and deals.

What I like is that all the top deals are shown on the main page. All you have to do is scroll to see the entire list. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in Today’s Top Coupons scroll further and you’ll find a list of the most popular stores like Hudson’s Bay, Indigo, Amazon.ca and more.

The RetailMeNot.ca site is set up to be user friendly and you can navigate through it easily. Looking for a specific retailer? Just type in the name in the Search option.

It’s important to keep organized and stretch every dollar because of everything Christmas entails – gifts for friends and family and decor and all the trimmings you need for entertaining. This site offers you a portal for the long list of items you need (and some you just want) and reminds you of all the options you have – options to help you save on every dollar you spend.

RetailMeNot has also created tips on how to become a savvy holiday spender:

  1. Make your list and check it twice – 43% of Canadians Admit to overspending on gifts, so in order to avid the January credit card bills blues – organization is your friend! Stay on track with your holiday gifting by creating a list of all the people you need to by for and your maximum budget for each gift. Having everything planned out will ensure you are in control of how all the costs are adding up.
  2. Stack your savings – if your favourite store is having a sale, that’s great, but don’t stop there! Stack your savings. Simply look for promo or coupon codes on RetailMeNot.ca to take additional dollars off your total.
  3. Be part of the club – singing up for a newsletter or mailing list can provide additional savings, especially around the holidays. For example, by creating an account at Club Monaco, or joining the A List at Aldo, you can save 15% on your first online purchase.
  4. It pays to shop around – Have you found that perfect item? Price check your desired gift with other retailers to ensure you are getting the best deal. Many retailers will price match so it pas to do a little homework.
  5. Social shopping – For real time sale updates, follow some of your favourite retailers on social media. Many use their social channels to feature sales and discounts. Who knows, you may get a little gift inso as well.

For the latest holiday dead on everything from gifts to decor, check out RetailMeNot.ca

This post was sponsored by RetailMeNot.ca. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words.



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Dec 142017

When I first put this red sweater on it reminded me of the 80s. Big shoulders and sleeves. My mother used to rock sweaters like this and I’m just continuing the legacy.

Outfit Details – Sweater, Ann Taylor (here, other great options here, here, here) || Skirt, Marks & Spencer || Shoes, Manolo Blahnik || Handbag, D&G


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Dec 122017

I take my pictures in batches – my photographer and I meet for a period of time and I go through all my outfits. Why am I telling you this? Well for those of you who know that I live in Toronto you’re going to ask where is the snow? It’s in town but not in my photos.

Today is an exercise in neutrals. Mixing neutrals is easy – do it in threes. Mix 3 neutral colours. I am wearing camel, cream and grey. It is a soft palette and easy to replicate.

For those women who work in a cold office building wraps are a great blanket and fashion statement. I wish I was kidding but not.

Outfit details – Pants, Ann Taylor (here) || Blouse, Ann Taylor (old but great option here, here & here) || Wrap, Ann Taylor (here, great options here, here & here) || Shoes, Banana Republic (old, great option here)



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Dec 042017

Every season many of us blogger/stylists/editors get some great perks and are gifted the latest winter coats. I’m going to review my two favourite.

Woods Moraine Down Bomber

The Moraine Bomber was built to keep you warm and dry even in the harshest winter conditions and apparently this winter is going to be a Canadian classic. The impenetrable waterproof and windproof Sympatex® membrane keeps the cold, wet weather out, while the all-natural water-repellent DownTek™ goose down means that warmth and comfort is never scarified.

Two oversized fleece-lined pockets will keep your hands warm when on the go.

Essentials will stay safe and secure inside the jacket’s three weather-resistant zipped pockets.

The removable fur hood trim allows for a customizable look, with both style and function in mind. Elastic pull tabs allow you to adjust the tightness of the hood.

Available here.


The North Face Cyros GTX Triclimate

Ready to mix and match according to the weather conditions, this 3-in-1 jacket pairs a weatherproof Gore-Tex® outer shell with an zip-in liner jacket that’s insulated with 800-fill goose down. The Cryos Collection delivers maximum warmth and protection. This coat is certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) by Control Union. The North Face is committed to creating cruelty free products.

Winter coats can be bulky this one has elasticated baffles for shaping and mobility and special armhole construction to maximize mobility and minimize bulk.

 The stormflap covers the two-way, AquaGuard® center front zip. This two way-way zipper makes it easier when you sit down to drive.

 Really great winter coats have added features that us mere mortals wouldn’t think about like snap side vents for mobility and access to pant pockets and drop tail hems for added (bum) coverage.

The fully adjustable hood with removable, faux-fur ruff attaches to outer shell. Find out more about this coat here.

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Nov 302017

I’m hosting a contest with Mark’s! To enter, leave a comment on my Facebook post regarding what’s your favourite item that I featured in the video.

Click here to enter.

Contest Details:

The contest opens today, December 7, 2017 and closes on December 13, 2017 at 6PM EST.  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. The contest is open to residents of Canada only (excluding Quebec). Prize is awarded randomly. No purchase necessary. Winner will be contacted via email or social media.

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