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A year and a half ago Jenny from Crazy Style Love hosted an evening for us to meet jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann. It was a wonderful night connecting with fellow women in media, sharing a meal and talking to Monica. Monica’s aesthetic is feminine and classic with beautiful details. Her pieces are gifts you can proudly give your friends or purchase for yourself and you will keep those pieces to hand down to your daughter or granddaughter.


We were all gifted a beautiful a necklace and charm from her Pocket Watch Key Collection (you can see Monica putting my necklace on me) and it’s a piece I still wear today. I love to wear it alone or layer it with other necklaces I have.

When her team approached me collaborate on a sponsored post to feature her Locket collection I naturally said yes. The locket I selected is the Petite Bridle Locket which is made of sterling silver and I chose the 30 inch chain (there is also an 18 inch chain option). It is a beautiful piece that you can wear alone…

Monica Rich Kosann

Monica Rich Kosann Locket

…or layer with other necklaces in your collection. I paired my beautiful locket with my other Monica Rich Kosann necklace.



Monica Rich Kosann locket

I didn’t have time to personalize my locket for this post, however, you can easily add photos or text and change it as often as you like! On the website there is an easy-to-use application that takes you through the personalization process step-by-step, whether you’re uploading and re-sizing photos or formatting a custom message. If you don’t have a photo in mind, remember that a personal message, date or quote can be just as special.

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Mar 292016

This is my last post about London with Expedia.ca and I had to finish the series off with what to see. London is a site seeing paradise so you need a lot of time and some money (ok a lot, the city is expensive) to do it all. I had 75 hours and wanted a long weekend that was more about enjoying London and not necessarily seeing everything again. Think about what you want from your trip and plan accordingly especially when going for a weekend. You want the trip to be efficient and experience your top sites. This is how I divided up our weekend: Friday was for afternoon tea and shopping, Saturday I had a meet up with a group of fellow bloggers and finished up shopping and Sunday I planned for site seeing. This was my second time in London so I saw a few things I missed from last time – St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tate Modern.

For a weekend getaway I would recommend setting aside at least one full day for site seeing (two if this is the only time you will be in London). You can cover a lot of ground in one day because of the tube. Grab a pass and map out your route. That’s why location is key when staying in London. A central hotel, like the Melia White House, ensures you’re close to tube stations and all major attractions. A hotel close to the airport, while cheaper, will frustrate most travellers as they spend too much time getting into the city for such a short stay. For those that are a bit intimidated by the tube system (I was the first time I was in London) I would recommend the Hop-On Hop-Off tours. I did it last year and I learned a lot about the city and we hit every major attraction. Plus it gives you an idea of what you want to see more of and what is good for a quick look.

This year we used the tube and a map and visited:

Buckingham Palace





Parliament/London Eye/Big Ben





St. Paul’s Cathedral



Please note that when we went you could not take photos in the church. Please respect the rules. I was frustrated for those working in the church constantly stopping tourists from snapping pictures inside.


Tate Modern





I really enjoyed the Tate Modern. There are several exhibits to see and since we had limited time we spent our time in the Collection Displays Media Networks. The exhibit was thought provoking and I learned a few new things.


Attractions we missed but would be a great addition to any trip – The Tower of London, The Shard & Madame Toussaud’s Wax museum.


Want to also visit London? You can find some amazing London hotels at Expedia.ca here, and their flight deals here.

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Mar 262016

This is an extra London post – I didn’t plan on writing about shoes but after thinking about all the walking we did during the morning, afternoon and night this year (and last) I had to write a quick post on it. I’m sure that my friends at Expedia.ca won’t mind. We all need comfortable shoes.

Last year I did not pack a pair of trainers or a brand of shoes that are known for comfort and that was a mistake. After the first day our feet were hurting and I had made the mistake of wearing a pair of booties with a high chunky heel (in my defence we were not supposed to be doing much walking but somehow that all changed). Nicole and I were so over our footwear that we scoured London for a pair of fashionable and comfortable pair of trainers but they were sold out or didn’t have our size at every store we went to. I was not going to make the same mistake this year.

Sometimes timing is everything – Geox had launched their Nebula line a week before I was leaving to London and had invited media to a launch event and gifted us a pair. I chose a black leather pair that would go with everything I was packing.




Lots of colours and patterns to choose from.

I wore these shoes on the plane, Friday (our first day there) and Sunday. There are several great features for this shoe – they are light, flexible, stability, grip and have the Geox breathability technology. The back of the shoe folds down so they are perfect for air travel, when your foot swells you can wear them like mules. They offer shoes that you can lace or ones with elasticized bands that make them slip ons. The slip ons are obviously easy to put on and that is a nice option. What I learned about the slip ons is that after a full day or wearing them and walking round they were very snug on the top of my foot so I simply wore them like mules. This happens whenever I wear shoes for a long time, the top of my foot huts and all shoes are uncomfortable. When I wear trainers with laces I have to loosen the laces.


While I was at Geox I also spied these Twinka ankle boots in nude/blush and I got them. My ankle boots at home were not made for walking – no support and definitely no breathability technology. I wore them all day Saturday and on the plane ride home. They have quickly become my favourite ankle boots for their comfort but also for their colour and design. I have had countless people stop me to ask me where I got them, if you are interested and want to learn more they are here.

Ron White

I also wanted to post about these Ron White heels, a Canadian shoe designer who also has retail stores. Ron White was named Independent Retailer of the Year by Conde Nast in 2011 (a Canadian first) and was inducted into the Sheridan College of Business Hall of Fame in 2007. These blush heels are a great shape, design and are a comfortable heel. I wore them Sunday night to Berners Tavern (we walked and took the tube) and I wasn’t in any pain when we got back to the hotel. They are a 3 inch heel and they weren’t slipping off my feet. This blush tone goes with everything and when travelling it eliminates the need for several pairs of shoes.

The older I get I need to have function fused with style when I am travelling through Europe and dong a lot of walking. All the above shoes achieved my needs.

Want to also visit London? You can find some amazing London hotels at Expedia.ca here, and their flight deals here.

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Mar 242016

When I was planning my trip to London with Expedia.ca what I was going to wear was always top of mind. The weather in London at the end of February is quite mild compared to Toronto with the biggest difference is the possibility of rain – we were so lucky not a drop this trip. When it came to selecting colours I went for very neutral – black, white, blue and olive green. Not the most creative of colour schemes but one that could get me through the weekend easily but stylishly. Ever since I hit my 30s I always dress when flying and that means blazers and denim. It looks polished and I want to be at my best when I start a travel adventure.

Another important tip for the English weather this time of year is layering. We saw other tourists wearing heavy down filled coats which would be too heavy for us – it’s a Canadian thing. It has to be -10 celsius for that. Coats, blazers, button downs and sweaters all work together if the weather falls a bit or you get a nice sunny break.

What exactly did I pack?

  • 2 coats – 1 thin wool, 1 trench
  • 3 pairs of jeans – 1 dark blue skinnies, 1 distressed, 1 black pair
  • 2 turtle necks – black and olive green
  • 1 sweater coat – black
  • 1 vest
  • 1 blue blazer
  • 2 button down shirts
  • 1 black dress
  • 1 black lace pants
  • 1 off the shoulder blouse
  • 1 jumpsuit (the only thing I packed that I did not wear)
  • 1 knit skirt
  • 4 pairs of shoes – 1 pair of trainers, 2 pair of booties (flat & thick heels), 1 pair of heels)







The summer is the busiest travel time in Europe, however, when travelling off peak you get to experience many destinations minus all the hordes of tourists which is perfect when all you want to do is spend time with a girlfriend or partner and enjoy all the city has to offer in 75 hours.

Want to also visit London? You can find some amazing London hotels at Expedia.ca here, and their flight deals here.

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Mar 122016

When people talk about British Cuisine to me it usually entails words like bland, boring, unimaginative or worse they say it’s horrible. I can honestly say I’ve NEVER had a bad meal in London, England (just to clarify for my Ontario readers) all the food I’ve eaten there has either been good or better then good. My weekend in London with Expedia.ca was filled with new restaurants (for me) and a few old ones (for me).

I’m going to take you through every restaurant we hit that weekend and hopefully when you decide to go to London these recommendations will help you. I have to stress that our hotel, Melia White House, was in a great location with amazing restaurants within walking distance or a quick tube ride.

Sketch – Sketch opened its doors in December of 2002 and has quickly become a place to go for food, decor, ambiance and service. Christina and I went for Afternoon Tea on Friday. If you want to experience Afternoon Tea at Sketch on a Saturday or Sunday please make a reservation as soon as you know you will be in London. I waited too long and the only option we had was for Friday. At first I wasn’t happy with Friday  but once we checked into the hotel we bee lined it for Sketch and had a great experience. The decor in the tea room is plush and pink. The servers were very attentive and the sandwiches were very good. The desserts were lovely and not too sweet (in terms of comparisons Christina and I both agreed that the food was better at the Toronto King Edward Hotel afternoon tea service, we found the food at the King Eddie exceptional). We were allowed to have as many sandwiches we wanted and the tea flowed forever, this is what makes Sketch great for men as well, they don’t need to worry about leaving hungry. Most interesting thing at Sketch? I’ve never seen bathrooms like those in Sketch.




Washrooms in Sketch


Fish Bone – Located within walking distance of the Melia White House, Fish Bone restaurant has great traditional English style fish and chips with a side of mushy peas (I am not a fan of mushy peas but recommend you try them when in London). Out of the three fish and chip restaurants I’ve been to in London this was my favourite. The biggest surprise was how delicious their hummus is.

Fish Bone Restaurant

Fish & Chips with Mushy Peas

Heddon Street Kitchen – This Gordon Ramsay restaurant located in the heart of London’s west end is a casual dining experience big on taste and imagination. We went for breakfast. Christina ordered avocado on pumpernickel toast with poached egg and she loved it. I ordered the sweet corn and green chilli fritter, red pepper relish, avocado and creme fraiche which I loved and would order again. Our meals were very tasty and the right portion size. These are not American portions so please be aware.

Heddon Street Kitchen



Mayfair Pizza Co. – this cute little Italian restaurant in Mayfair is located down an alley way. I was there last year and it was hard to find, this year wasn’t any easier. I gave up meat this year for lent so my food choices have been limited this trip. I ordered the dorset crab and chilli risotto and salad. This was my least favourite meal of this trip, the risotto was just ok. Now that is more a reflection on my limited choice here. Last year Nicole and I shared a pasta and pizza and loved both dishes and that’s why I am not disappointed with this restaurant. Christina ordered a Margherita pizza and it was very nice (I had a slice or two).



The Ivy Market Grill – Last year Nicole, her husband Dan and I stumbled upon The Ivy Market Grill on our last night in London and decided to eat there. (We had asked the concierge at our hotel for restaurant recommendations and they were of no help, it was disappointing). It was my favourite restaurant last year (we also ate at the Wolseley and that’s a London institution) and it is still my favourite restaurant this year. We had mushrooms on toast to start and it is amazing. It’s creamy and smooth and a perfect topper for toast. My only complaint is that there is not enough toast. Christina ordered the butternut squash with grains and it was a tasty vegetarian option that was sweet and nutty. I had the seared scallops which is an appetizer but they made it for me as a main. The scallops were cooked perfectly and the creamed potato was a delicious side. We shared truffle and parmesan chips and they were generous with the truffle and parmesan which fused nicely with the chips. This restaurant was completely booked and very busy on a Saturday evening. It is a popular restaurant located in the theatre district. If you want a good table make sure when you book you ask. Our server was lovely and he made very honest recommendations which I appreciated.


Taste of India – Having a good concierge is key when booking any hotel in London. Christina and I had never had curry in London, she has been five times and this was my second. We both decided on Sunday that we wanted curry and asked our concierge where we should go, we were having a very late lunch/very early dinner. He initially recommended several popular tourist restaurants that were in high traffic tourist locations. The problem was they didn’t open till 6 pm and we had dinner reservations at 8:30 pm. Once he realized that we weren’t adverse to hitting a local restaurant he recommended we try out Drummond Street by the hotel that has several Indian restaurants. We decided to try Taste of India and were really happy we did. The gentlemen who served us were very kind and attentive. We ordered the vegetable platter which offers 5 different vegetable appetizers, all of them were excellent. Next we shared chana masala and naan. We both agreed that the chana masala had the perfect amount of spice. The naan had a nutty taste that we really enjoyed. Our craving for curry had been fulfilled


Berners Tavern – The decor inside Berners Tavern is my favourite in all of the places I’ve been to in London and is very grand. It is an open space with (what feels like) 50 feet ceilings and the walls are covered with gold framed art/pictures. You really need to take a minute to two to take it all in. Berners Tavern offers a contemporary British menu that really is simple but elegant. We weren’t too hungry and ordered accordingly. Christina had the braised chicory, celery and butternut salad which she didn’t love. This is more of an appetizer and is not a “dinner” salad. I had the roasted stone bass and it was wonderful. The service here is impeccable. There was a misunderstanding when I was ordering and didn’t order what I thought the waiter was describing. My order was quickly changed and I got exactly what I wanted. For desert we had the dark chocolate tart with mint ice cream and cookie crumble. It was a delicious desert and a favourite of mine in London. For me this is a must see restaurant even if you can only go for a drink at the bar. Going during the day will guarantee some of the most stunning photos you will take on your trip and they will be Instagram brag worthy.



What do you think? Any restaurants you would recommend when visiting London?

Want to also visit London? You can find some amazing London hotels at Expedia.ca here, and their flight deals here.


Mar 052016

Blogging started off as a hobby for me and over the last few years has opened up many doors for me. What I am most grateful is the connections I have made with readers and other bloggers. It’s the connection to other bloggers that has brought me to London twice. I am part of a blogger group that supports, shares and offers a place to vent for all of us. For the past four years this group has been meeting in London, England on the last weekend of February. Most of the bloggers live or have lived in the United Kingdom. I am one of the few that have never.

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting this group for the first time. After reading about all the fun they had and seeing the pictures on their blogs and social media I didn’t want to be left out. Not wanting to go alone to London I roped in my girlfriend who was turning 40 that weekend so we made it a couples weekend. Yes, you read correctly we went for the weekend to London, England from Toronto. The four of us didn’t have the luxury of staying longer plus with such a short window we were sure to make in as much London as possible.

Since this was “my” trip I did the research to find the best deal for the four of us and that led me to book through Expedia.ca. I did extensive research on where to stay while my girlfriend decided where we would eat – divide and conquer. We had such a great weekend last year that when my friends at Expedia.ca asked me to go on a trip to London for 75 hours, I knew it was the perfect fit!. Not wanting to go alone I made this a fun girl’s weekend with my friend Christina.

Expedia Pearson Airport

Boucheron Sunglasses

My airport style – we had a few hours to kill so I showed Christina my new sunglasses. Boucheron from Kaltenbock Opticians.

There are a few things that I learned last year that worked – taking the 8:30 pm flight out of Toronto was the first. There was an extra charge for this flight and it was worth every penny. We arrived in London at approximately 8:30 am and this gave us all day Friday to do whatever we wanted. Jet lag was manageable – we were tired Friday but were able to do everything we had planned. Last year it was shopping and this year we went shopping and had afternoon tea. We stayed up till 10 pm so as to keep on London time.

Customs took a very long time so if you are using a car service to get you to your hotel ask that the driver arrive at least an hour after you land. Another piece of advice is make sure you tell your driver how much luggage you are bringing. This will determine the size of your car. Taking the train into London is a much faster option but lugging your luggage through the city can be annoying. We flew back at noon, this gave us enough time for breakfast and we didn’t feel rushed and we landed in Toronto at approximately 3:20 pm.


When booking your London hotel keep it close to the majority of your activities – location, location location. London is a vast city with many different areas that offer amazing restaurants, sites and shopping. Don’t try to save money by staying outside of the city. Travelling back and forth between your hotel on the outskirts and the city makes the whole trip stressful and you won’t be able to see or do as much if you stayed central. We stayed in the Melia White House in Regent’s Park. It is in the north west of London and from the hotel there are 3 tube stations within walking distance. We wanted to be close to Mayfair, Marylebone and Knightsbridge which were only a few tube stops away. The area around our hotel was quiet during the evening which I really liked. It wasn’t desolate, there were people around but there wasn’t the London night scene which can be overwhelming. There are lots of restaurant options around the hotel which served us well.

The Melia White House rooms where typical London which means they are smaller then what we’re used to in North America. European hotel rooms are not known for their size. This hotel is undergoing some renovations and our room was clean but dated. We had two twin beds (they were OK) with two women that had enough clothing that we changed for dinner all three days of this trip. There was space for everything we brought, the layout was efficient. There is free WIFI throughout the entire hotel which is such a nice amenity. I had a strong signal in the lobby and in the hotel room. The Melia didn’t nickel and dime us which was refreshing. This is all stated in the reviews on Expedia. I read through reviews for all of the hotels I was interested in on their site and decided that for our needs and what area we wanted to stay Melia offered the best value for our dollars. For those guests looking to upgrade their experience, Executive rooms, Junior, Master and Presidential Suites have access to The Level Floor offering private check-in and deluxe amenities. The exclusive Level Lounge serves complimentary full English breakfast, all day tea, coffee, soft drinks and pastries, an open bar from 6pm – 10pm, cold and hot canapés from 6pm-8:30pm, private meeting room free of charge for one hour (max. 4 persons) and a full selection of newspapers. We experienced the Level access on Sunday and it is a nice perk. I would recommend the upgrade if it is in your budget.

Last year we stayed by the London Eye (Christina stayed in the same area the year before) and we both thought that Regent’s Park is a better area to stay for a girl’s or couples weekend. Location, location, location. This is the first post in a four post series. We packed a lot of everything into this trip and I can’t wait to share all of it with you.

Want to also visit London? You can find some amazing London hotels at Expedia.ca here, and their flight deals here.

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Feb 222016

I have lots of basics – of everything – pants, shirts, dresses and sunglasses. Lots of black and tortoise shell when it comes to my sunglasses collection. Classics never go out of style but they can get boring. When SmartBuyGlasses asked me to partner with them again I knew that I wanted something different. For me that means it’s all about the shape of the frames. Sunglasses are the perfect accessory and with summer coming they offer great protection against the sun.

SmartBuyGlasses has lots of selection – colours, patterns, different shapes and brands. They also have great frames for glasses. I searched through their website and saw so many wonderful frames but then I saw these Fendi Iridia sunglasses with an exaggerated cat eye. When I saw that the metal temple has tortoiseshell detail with rhinestones and yellow panels I fell more in love.


The Fendi pair I selected had a Fast Ship option. There are many pairs of sunglasses that have a Fast Ship option which ships your sunglasses (or glasses) to you for next day shipping. No long waits for your perfect pair.


What I love about these sunglasses is they just add the perfect amount of personal style to any outfit.


Here’s to you finding your perfect pair!

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Jan 192016

I have been unmotivated to blog lately…as you can tell. I am easing back into it with this post. I am on Cityline tomorrow morning. The segment is about children’s fashion from Children’s Place. My four children and my daughter’s two friends modelled. The kids had a great day and made many wonderful memories.

I wore the PERFECT denim dress from Anne Taylor. This picture does not do it justice. There is a band around the waist and I love the length for me. It may be too long for most people but it has great stretch, perfect blue indigo and has pockets. You’ll have to go down a size, I found it ran large. Find it here.

Ann Taylor Denim Dress

Shoes are Guilhermina



All children’s clothing and accessories from Children’s Place.

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Dec 182015

Recently Jean Machine invited me to shop their Sherway Gardens store to find #PerfectPairPromise. Armed with a gift card I was set to find mine. Jean Machine is one of a select Canadian retail chain stores that carries one of my favourite brands – Yoga Jeans. I knew that I wanted a new pair and was hoping to pick up a basic dark blue skinny leg. I purchased a boot cut pair last year and my skinnies are wearing out in the knees.

I put myself in the hands of Jean Machine staff and let them style me. My height always limits my options and I was happy that the staff recommended the Yoga Jeans right away without me prompting them. They asked what type of rise I liked, I prefer high but would also try medium and style of leg – skinny please!  They selected 3 different pairs, various tops, toppers and accessories. I even found a dress I wanted to try – I was looking for jeans and didn’t even think about dresses in Jean Machine. Sometimes we limit our experience in stores and this time my eyes were wide open. I looked around the store and was really happy with what they selected. I wouldn’t have chosen all the items but that’s the best part. We have an idea of what we like and can be limited by that. This time I wasn’t limited by my own bias.

For those not familiar with Yoga Jeans you will need to go down at least one size, maybe even two. These jeans have lots of stretch – I wear a 28 in most and even have a 27 in one style. I also love that Yoga Jeans plays to my vanity.

Jean Machine

The rouching on this dress is placed perfectly and the asymmetrical hem shows the right amount of leg. I LOVED this vest. I selected this outfit and it came home with me. Not part of the exercise for jeans but I couldn’t leave this behind.


The first pair I tried on were these grey ones (here). I loved them going in and was meh when I came out. Maybe if they were darker.

Jean Machine

The dark grey ripped jeans wowed me as did the knit cat and basic black top (here). I really liked this look.

Yoga Jeans

These are an indigo wash and I loved them as well. The blue is almost a navy colour (here). The only miss of the entire experience was the top underneath (which you can’t see), it was just too tight for me.  After trying everything on the ripped jeans were just calling my name. The entire staff agreed that they liked the ripped jeans best on me and I went home with them along with the faux fur vest and dress. I am holiday and winter ready with Jean Machine.

I also joined (for free) the Jean Machine Preferred customer club. I received a discount on my purchase (spent over the gift card and didn’t mind since the store was full of great stuff) and can’t wait to find out more about their upcoming sales and promos. I have a little  promo for you as well!! Jean Machine has created a 20% promo code for my readers, which is “perfectpair”, so they too can find their perfect pair! A little gift in time for Christmas and the New Year. Enjoy! I may be using it as well for that last pair I tried on…


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Nov 262015

We’ve all heard the American Express Commercials “Membership has its privileges”. That was true until now, Amex Canada recently opened its doors to all Canadians, allowing them to experience the benefits that American Express Invites has to offer. When you visit Amex Invites, American Express gives you access to the hottest tickets to the coolest events in music, dining and film. Amex unlocks memorable moments for half a million Canadians every year. In 2015, Amex will help over 400k music fans create memories with their favourite band. Our best moments come through experiences that are designed for us. No matter what your taste or style, Amex has an experience for you – it’s time to pick your moments, and create memories – #ThisMoment.

So what does that mean? American Express Invites opens the door to memorable experiences. It’s your table at the restaurant everyone is talking about. Your chance to get tickets to some of the hottest concerts through Front Of The Line. Or to reserve your seat at a big blockbuster. It’s your invitation to the latest must-see productions. Your chance to say “I was there”, no FOMO here. Features include Front of the Line Advance Access, Front of the Line Reserved Tickets, Front of the Line eUpdates, Delights Special Offers and Experiences, and Special Access.

I was lucky enough to be a part of one of these exclusive experiences – the advance screening of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 on Nov. 18 (the film was released to the public on Nov. 20). I read the Hunger Games trilogy before there was even a whiff of the movies being made. I fell for Katniss, cried as she made the ultimate sacrifice to become tribute and cheered her on during the games and after during the rebellion.  So when the first three movies brought all these beloved characters to life I thought I would be the first in line at the theatre – instead I watched them in the comfort of my home with my family.

Amex Invites Mocking Jay

Amex Invites

They really saved the best for last and I finally got to watch the final Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Part 2, in a proper theatre at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. The hardest decision to make was who to take I decided to bring my husband, we needed a date night. With Amex Invites there were no long lines to wait in, popcorn dressed in black, and a theatre that wasn’t packed to the brim. A great experience and a perfect date night. I’m not going to drop any spoilers for those who didn’t read the books. It was a great ending and for fans of the series it will let you close the final chapter in this movie franchise.

Looking for your chance to experience Amex Cardmember perks? The next opportunity will be a dining experience. All Canadians have the opportunity to attend an exclusive premium dining event at one of Canada’s top 10 Best New Restaurants list as determined by Air Canada enRoute Magazine, featuring a prix fixe menu created by an award-winning chef. If you are in the GTA (like me) you have the chance to attend a dining experience at Bar Raval. The giveaway starts on November 26, 2015 and closes on December 6, 2015. The event will take place at Bar Raval on December 14, 2015. I’m sure your taste buds will thank you if you are one of the lucky winners. For your chance to enter, head to Amex Invites from November 26, 2015 to December 6, 2015.

Good Luck and may the odds be ever in your favour.

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