Feb 292012
High Heel Tips

In this past month I have given two talks on spring trends and how I will be wearing them. I bring my own wardrobe and share my opinions with other mothers. I have worn the same outfit to both groups, and have featured the outfit in my coloured denim post, it consists of the green [Read more…]

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Feb 232012
Vomit Doesn't Go With Anything...

So one of my children is sick and I am sitting in my Lululemon yoga pants and a Lululemon warm up shirt writing this while they sleep. As the title would suggest fashion is taking a back seat today and function is king. When function is ruling my life I throw on my yoga pants [Read more…]

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Feb 212012
Favourite Mall - The Somerset Collection

When most Torontonians think about a relatively close American shopping destination they’ll think Buffalo, New York or Erie, Pennsylvania. I have never been to Erie so I cannot speak of the shopping but I have been to Buffalo (and surrounding areas that we will lump into one category here). The shopping is okay, they have [Read more…]

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Feb 162012
What to Wear When Doing the Mundane

I’ve been asked what I wear on an average day. For stay-at-home moms our life is full of drop offs, pick ups, trips to the grocery store/Walmart/Costco and every so often a field trip with the kids to a museum, zoo or science centre. It’s easy to be lulled into a sense of boredom and [Read more…]

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Feb 092012
Show Your Closet That You Care

When you look through my photos on this blog you will see that I use black velvet hangers. I used to buy wooden hangers from Ikea. The wooden hangers there were affordable and looked a lot better than plastic or wire. It gave my closet a uniform look that was visually pleasing. The problem with [Read more…]

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Feb 082012
White Top + Black Bottom = Waiter?

A white button down paired with black pants/skirt is so easy to wear but you can get mistaken for the wait staff. An easy way to break this look up is accessories. A nice belt will give your waist definition and also make the look more interesting. Black is easy, why not try a red [Read more…]

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Feb 072012
Four of My Fundamental Mom Pieces

Whenever I am talking about wardrobe building the one question I am always asked is “what are the essentials”. I love/loathe this question. I love it because any wardrobe should be built with several fundamental pieces that we can dive from and start exploring our individual style. I loathe it because we are all different [Read more…]

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Feb 072012

I’m having an especially tall day. Let me start off by saying that I have always embraced my height (thanks mom and dad!!). I never slouched or tried to make myself look shorter, furthermore, I love high heels. Why should I hate shoes that make me look amazing plus make me even more intimidating to [Read more…]

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Feb 012012

We all have things that bother us. Some are universal, for example, people who do not turn off their cel phones during movies, theatre performances, church etc. We consider it rude and it annoys us. Other pet peeves are personal, things that bother us that may not be offensive to others. I have a few [Read more…]

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