Mar 302012
Cell Phone Fashion - Why Not?

I used to hate cell phones. I never answered mine and only used it if I needed something. My husband and my sisters just gave up on me…then I got a smart phone and my world changed. I love my iPhone, cannot live without it. To show it how much I care I picked up [Read more…]

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Mar 272012

I don’t feel 36 – all the time. On those good days I feel anywhere from 20 to 26 (I loved my 20s). On those caffeine highs I’ll even say 16. Then I start listening to young women in that age group and then I KNOW that I’m not that young anymore. You know what [Read more…]

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Mar 262012
Mundane Mondays - Power Shopping

I am going to try something new – posting some easy dressing ideas and calling it Mundane Mondays. Easy things to wear when doing all that glam mom stuff…let me know what you think. We had unseasonably warm weather during March break (and the following week) in south western Ontario. I was able to head [Read more…]

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Mar 232012
BBQ Dilemma - What To Wear?

My husband and I had some amazing BBQ last year in Syracuse, New York, at Dinosaur BBQ (my brother-in-law Andrija pushed us there). So if I get a whiff of another BBQ place close to where ever I am I HAVE to try it. Last month it was Smoke & Spice in Windsor – absolutely [Read more…]

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Mar 212012
Jewelry Storage

I love a well organized closet – walk-in or regular – with systems by IKEA, California Closet, Organized Interiors, Martha Stewart…whatever works. My husband and I have a bedroom closet system that worked so well that we put systems in our front hallway and basement closets. They allow for increased storage and just look so [Read more…]

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Mar 202012
Maxi Dresses - LTS

I LOVE Maxi dresses. For me finding the right Maxi dress is like a treasure hunt because of the whole height thing but I did find one from (drum roll please)…Long Tall Sally!! As an aside they really need to change that name. I think women of all shapes can wear maxi dresses, you just [Read more…]

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Mar 192012
Kids Parties and Cardis

We go to a lot of kids birthday parties, my husband and I are tired of most them, the kids scream in excitement every time there is an invitation. There are a few kids parties we are excited to go to, that of close family and friends (my Godson turned 2, Happy Birthday Neven). Everyone enjoys celebrating another [Read more…]

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Mar 182012
Say Goodbye?

This thin sweater is something I picked up at Cassis and wore during, after, between pregnancies and I cannot seem to get rid of it. Sometimes saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do…the necklace is still great! Sweater, tank, belt (all old) – Cassis; Jeans – Paige; Necklace – old, Long Tall Sally; Bag [Read more…]

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Mar 072012
Clubbing - Mom Style

Before I had kids I had a wardrobe that consisted of two categories Work Clothes – professional and conservative Going Out to the Club Clothes – not work appropriate, NOT Paris Hilton or Britney Spears no underwear and micro mini look, but still Two separate closets for two separate lives. Okay, I had some lounge [Read more…]

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Mar 022012

I have always taken my children shopping with me whether it be to the mall, grocery store, Costco, tile store or furniture. It’s not because I am a saint or a masochist, it’s because I have no choice and things need to get done. Because of this my older children know now how to wait [Read more…]

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