Apr 182012

I have horrible nails, they constantly split and break. When I would get a manicure the polish would usually only last a few hours before the first chip. So when Shellac arrived onto the manicure scene it was life changing – like I saw the face of the manicure god. I swear by it, my manicure lasts a good 10 days (after that it starts looking a big rough) and my nails grow. Some women have complained that it damages their nails, so be warned.

I prefer the Shellac brand while Gelish is a good second. Gelish is harder to take off and my manicurist puts three coats on so the colour is more intense and seems to stay on longer.

I think I found the perfect pink – “Go Girl” by Gelish. Very soft without being too pastel. A great neutral!

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 April 18, 2012  Posted by on April 18, 2012

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