Apr 052012
This is Me

“Peplum – Short overskirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket, blouse or dress”  Wikipedia This is my favourite new trend. Why? Because to me it says “feminine”, and I love being a woman.  The overskirt detail highlights the smallest part of me and hides any overhang that birthing four children has resulted in. [Read more…]

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Apr 042012
Stripes - Mix and Match

When we purchase an article of clothing I think the end goal is to be able to wear it with multiple items in our closet. I’m not saying I always do that, but again that’s the end goal. So here is another striped top styled with two different bottoms. I’ve already attained my goal and [Read more…]

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Apr 032012
Pinterest Inspiration - Stripes & Coloured Denim

If you ever want to predict success in technology or social media just ask me, then do the exact opposite of what I tell you. Here are a few examples why: Cell phones with cameras? Waste of money.Every cell phone has a camera because we can no longer live without them.Twitter? People will get bored [Read more…]

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