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This post is for my new moms or those who have just had another child. Having children is hard on your body, you’ve seen me write about that several times. I’m complaining and stating a fact. There are those who are lucky and just bounce back to their old bodies, or bodies that are still great just different. I finally got the bounce back down to a science. It only took my third pregnancy to get it all figured out. That’s right my THIRD. By the time my fourth came around I was ready for it. That’s not to say I didn’t struggle a lot the fourth time around but I figured out what worked for me.

Here’s my story quickly, when I was pregnant with my first I weighed 200 lbs before my daughter was born. I knew I had gained weight but I NEVER looked at the scale, the one time my husband came he blurted out that I was 200 lbs.

Now that being said my first two children are only fifteen months apart so I didn’t get a chance to lose the vast majority of my baby weight before my second came. I gained the most weight with my first and breast feeding took off an ounce. I weighed forty pounds more then than I do now. This post isn’t about how I lost the weight, it took me seven years over four pregnancies, or why you should lose this weight or who can help you. This post is to tell you it takes time and to remind you that some things may never be the same and that’s okay.

We live in a society where everything is instant, if you don’t have an answer for something Google will give you one in seconds. Want to look younger? Injections or Surgery, no need to lead a healthy life style. We put pressure on our kids to do everything quicker then we did as children, read by four, skip a few grades, play an instrument and excel at a sport. We had drive-thru marriages and quickie divorces that come with quickie marriages. Have a baby? Drop forty pounds in a week, it only took you nine months to gain the weight, one week is enough time to lose it. Giselle will lecture you and Mariah will tell you how Jenny will help.

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