May 152012

I love jumpsuits (with alterations this was long enough) and I could not resist this colour. They had this great pair of mustard satin heels that worked beautifully with this outfit but I just could not justify buying shoes to wear with one outfit. Plus satin…I could not do it. 10 years ago I would not have thought twice about it.

Elasticized belts were too tight on me, this belt sits at my waist and then falls away, covering instead of highlighting.

I chose neutral accessories because I would get more use of them. Black did nothing against this colour. If you really want to make an impact mustard yellow or the right shade of purple (with a pink undertone) would have made this jumpsuit more fun. I figured it’s my birthday so I added all the fun.

Love the hidden chain strap on this purse. Clutches are great but sometimes you need your hands free.

Jumpsuit – BCBG
Blazer – Cassis
Belt – BCBG
Purse – Michael Kors
Shoes – Jimmy Choo
Bracelets – Coach, gifted (on right), Forever 21 (on left)

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    Happy birthday! Love the jumpsuit. It’s not a style I feel comfortable in but it looks great on you!

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