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Has anyone bought a fancy dress (it really could be any article of clothing, jewelry or pair of shoes) they loved but had no where to wear it to and then proceeded to make up places in their head just to justify that purchase? I did this ten years ago, I was dress shopping for my bridesmaids and found the most fabulous black satin fishtail dress that fit me like a glove. I justified it by saying I would wear it to my cousins wedding (pregnant with my second child),  New Years Party (they all got more casual), or some REALLY fancy party in the future. Well I had to wait for the future, 10 YEARS in the future. That’s right, I waited 10 years to wear this dress for the first time.

I had the honour of attending the National Ballet of Canada Diamond Gala last night and I had something in my closet to wear! I had my hair done (thanks G from Cattiva Salon), my nails freshly polished and my make up done as well (beautiful job J from Bobbi Brown Sherway Gardens). I received lots of stares walking around Sherway with that much make up on at 3:30 pm on a Wednesday.

The great thing about a dress that is well made and has a classic shape is that you really can keep it in your closet for 10 years and wear it one evening and it still looks beautiful.

I borrowed some beautiful costume jewelry that I put on right before the event. If the pieces of jewelry were real I would have needed an armoured guard escort me around the event. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the jewelry.

Above are some Instagram shots of the evening. The ballet pieces (there was a performance) were beautiful and I had a wonderful time.

Dress – Lahn (really OLD)
Shoes – Talbot’s (old)
Purse – Town Shoes
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    This is really a beautiful dress. Black is always perfect and it fit you superbly. At least you did not buy it in vain.
    Hope the show was memorable.


    oh I so want to dress up and go somewhere! U look beautiful


    You are one very beautiful hot mama. You look to good for after 4 kids . I wanna look like you. You have a good sense of dressing. Following you back from exposure 99% blog hop. Thanks for linking up. Also following on twitter.


    Honey, you look fabulous! Indeed that dress is classic and the cut is evergreen, you can still wear it for another 10 years if not more. A simple dress is an asset in one’s closet 🙂 Beautiful!

    If you have some time, check out my new post PSYCHEDELIC here:


    That is a beautiful dress and the ballet looks lovely. Just found your blog via the BlogLoveTherapy blog hop and am now following you here and on twitter.


    That is a beautiful dress and the ballet looks lovely. Just found your blog via the BlogLoveTherapy blog hop and am now following you here and on twitter.




    Oh wow! You look fab! Wish I could look as glam! =) Thanks for the follow on my blog!


    Beautiful! Love those shoes!



    So pretty! I totally know what you mean about buying something and then having to wait to wear it!


    Awww you look so pretty and hot, yet glamorous babe ^^



    Oh, I do believe they conjured up that entire affair simply to see you in that black dress– you are dazzling! =)

    Just saying “hi” and hugs and all that good stuff from our little Localsugarhawaii.com Wordless Wednesday link up. Thanks for being a part of this beautiful group.


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