Jun 132012
Blue & Green - Again

I can’t help it when I like something, I just like it to death…proof here and here and now again with this post. I can’t be the only one…right? I originally wore this outfit without a belt and then when I saw the pictures I promptly went indoors and added one. The top picture looks [Read more…]

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Jun 122012
For My Working Moms

I love pencil skirts and I think all working girls (get your head out of the gutter if its gone there) should own one good pencil skirt regardless of their size. Black, navy or grey are the basics and then after that whatever colour you want! Simple colour blocking and I added pattern with the [Read more…]

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Jun 112012
Mundane Monday - Neon Lights

I am a child of the 80’s so I remember neon…and I liked it! It’s back so I decided a nice yellow neon skirt from Ann Taylor was a fun and affordable way to try out this trend. I’ve styled it very simply and then changed up the accessories and shoes so you could wear [Read more…]

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Jun 072012
Red, White and Black

I love easy and I love red. So here come the pictures… I didn’t like how my hair or face looked in the dressed up photos…not one good picture…So I figured why should you have to look at them too? Anyway by changing my shoes, accessories and handbag I am ready for a night out, [Read more…]

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Jun 052012
Best of Me - Coach Blazer

I love this Coach blazer. It just screams IVA, pretty obnoxious but it can’t help it… Paired with denim, a pencil skirt or over a simple blue dress, it just makes the outfit. Casual, formal or somewhere in between. It just does it all. The shoes are the fun part of this outfit, leopard and [Read more…]

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Jun 042012
Bridal Shower Chic

Today I had the pleasure of attending the bridal shower of a close family friend. Everything was perfect and the future bride radiated happiness. I had a chance to catch up with friends and family that are scattered across the southern part of the province and share a special day with a beautiful woman. This [Read more…]

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