Jul 312012
Seeing Yellow...and a bit of Red

I am reading the fifth book of Fire & Ice series by George R.R. Martin. I started reading the first book of the series at the end of June and I can’t seem to put the books down. The television series “Game of Thrones” opened my mind to the possibility I could maybe enjoy a [Read more…]

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Jul 302012
Mundane Mondays - Yellow Again

I know I’m not the only one who’s obsessed with the Olympics…GO CANADA GO…GO CROATIA GO…just a quick shout out before we begin talking about what I’m wearing…oh one more thing before we get to me, what are your opinions on the Team Uniforms? Did Ralph Lauren do well with dressing the Americans? I was [Read more…]

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Jul 272012
Hoboken I Love You

These pictures were taken in May while I was in Hoboken for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower. Now, we have rain in Toronto so this outfit would be great for the evening, take the blazer off and you’re fine for the day. Love the nautical trend! Mother & Daughter show off matching Joe Fresh striped tops [Read more…]

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Jul 252012
Neon Pink & Prints - 101st Post!

I wore this outfit to church on Sunday. When we were in church my husband mouthed something to me, I thought it was to complain about the behaviour of our sons, it was “I love what you’re wearing”. Mixing neon’s or brights can be difficult, the easiest thing to do is to pair them with [Read more…]

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Jul 232012
Mundane Mondays - Polka Dots

I just love easy and honestly nothing gets easier than this… Blouse – Madewell Jeans – James Jeans Shoes – Jimmy Choo Watch – Michael Kors Bracelets – Forever 21

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Jul 202012
Guest Model - Maria

Maria and I have become fast friends – we have many things in common – but her easy going personality and friendly nature can make a friend of anyone. She recently told her sister and me that she is ready to start enjoying fashion and dressing with purpose again. Being a stay-at-home mom of two [Read more…]

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Jul 192012
Mellow Yellow - Ann Taylor

I just have to continue with my Ann Taylor stash, just changed the pants this time (same blouse as yesterday, isn’t it just fantastic). I’m just trying to prove how versatile my wardrobe is and how I can mix the vast majority of my pieces (more for my husband’s sake then anyone else). I had [Read more…]

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Jul 172012
I Wear Shorts

It’s true and I can hardly believe it. I’ve stuck to skirts and dresses the last several years and now I’m wearing shorts again. I even went further and purchased dressy shorts, the insanity. When I was in NYC I hit Ann Taylor and picked up some great summer pieces, cannot wait for Ann to [Read more…]

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Jul 162012
I don't know...

The Banana Republic Trina Turk Tunic/Top is easy to pair with white jeans so I tried a green skirt – is it a FAIL? Not sure…Did I get it right?Not sure…Any opinions? Skirt – J Crew Top – Banana Republic Shoes – BCBG (old) Necklace – LTS (old) Watch – Michael Kors Bracelets – Forever [Read more…]

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