Jul 052012

Hello Everyone! It’s been too long, I was in NYC over the weekend for a family wedding and my husband had to work for two days of the mini-break so it was just me and the kids. I had lofty goals of taking pictures in all my outfits and posting but I didn’t take a camera with me and did not snap a single picture. Walking in the city by yourself with four kids takes all your attention, didn’t lose one, so I consider that successful. If I get the OK I will post some wedding pictures at a later date.

So here is why you all visit me on a regular basis…

When I was working my office was always cold. I had cardigans in my office at all times, so why not a blazer? Especially if its this blazer.

Blouse – Joe Fresh (on sale in NYC)
Skirt – Banana Republic
Shoes – Stuart Witzeman
Necklace – Banana Republic
Watch – Michael Kors
Bracelet – Forever 21
Handbag – Louis Vuitton
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  3 Responses to “Still Working – In Blue this Time”


    Looking chic as usual. Just love that blazer! I was in NYC this week too and didn’t take any outfit photos. As bloggers, you would think we would remember, but yet it still doesn’t happen. Congrats on not losing any kids! 🙂

    <3 Jenny


    Beautiful, love the shoes!


    Love the blazer! Really pulls it together.

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