Aug 312012
Lida Baday - My Final Hurrah

The clock has struck midnight and my last post featuring Carriage Trade is now. It has been great featuring amazing clothing that highlights my best features while hiding others. That is what clothing should do – make us fabulous. I enjoy shopping at Carriage Trade because I am visiting friends who are honest with me [Read more…]

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Aug 302012
Silk Blouse + Python = Date Night Or Girls Night Out

Carriage Trade is helping me get my pretty on. Blouses are everywhere and so are the price points and fabrications. To be quite honest, nothing says “woman” like a beautiful blouse, Joie did an amazing job of showcasing well cut and versatile blouses for women. Whether you are looking for brights or neutrals Joie did [Read more…]

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Aug 292012
Vince Vest - Official Canadian Women's Fall Outfit

The title is what would happen in my fantasy world, if we could all wear what I said. Come on admit it, most of you agree with me. I just think this screams Canadian Fall Perfection and it looks amazing. Carriage Trade can do no wrong for me. Can we all agree that the shoes [Read more…]

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Aug 282012
Vince Blazer - Leather is Back!

I love leather, I have been in love with it since I was 13. Yes 13, it was when I got my first leather jacket. Now leather is huge again!! So here I am featuring a leather Vince blazer, paired with dark purple J Brand jeans and a Tilo scarf. Kathleen from Carriage Trade styled [Read more…]

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Aug 272012
Smythe Blazer

Today is the first of five posts showcasing some of my favourite looks from Carriage Trade Boutique. Why do I love Carriage Trade? The obvious reason is the clothing – great selection of fashionable clothing. The best reason is the service, the sales staff is all about service. They can outfit you for a casual [Read more…]

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Aug 242012
10 Year Anniversary

10 years sounds like a long time, for a marriage it sometimes feels like an eternity, however, ten years has gone by quickly. Life is funny like that.  When I think about where I thought I would be in our marriage I smile, that knowing smile of how life throws so many things at you [Read more…]

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Aug 232012
Party Shorts & Khaki Shorts - Final Hurrah

Next week I am featuring Fall Fashion from one of my favourite boutiques Carriage Trade. For Canadians fall is actually the season we spend the majority of our clothing dollars on.  With that being said I’m pulling out my khaki shorts and dressy shorts and doing one last post about them. Just a day and night thing, then [Read more…]

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Aug 222012
Cool Down - Tanks & Cropped Denim

I can feel it cooling down, so can the rest of the city and I’m a little sad. There are only two months of summer here in Toronto and I’m greedy when it comes to summer weather. I don’t want a single second of it to be affected by any funny business, no weird wind [Read more…]

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Aug 172012
Lace + Pencil Skirt + Python Belt = Fun

    I have been a bad blogger…summer does that to us. Especially the times when your kids are not around and you are free…free to clean the basement, organize their rooms and go to the bank. Doing all the things you can’t do when kids are there begging for your attention and proclaiming they [Read more…]

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Aug 152012
Rain Rain Go Away...

The rain has been following me, on Thursday it escorted me to Windsor…it even made an appearance  in Las Vegas…and then gave me some more wet kisses in Detroit this morning. The weather has not been very summer like these last several days so I’ve had to dress accordingly. However, just because it’s been grey [Read more…]

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