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This is the final shot of this outfit…I had to re-take the photos because I was not paying attention to the details.

I’ll start with all the good things about this final outfit.

I love this green blouse. I purchased it a Joe Fresh so it’s not going to break the bank and because it’s loose I can eat whatever I want and have no worries about pulling. I added a red belt (it could have been a Christmas special if I wasn’t careful) and liked the end result. This blouse can be worn with blue jeans or navy slacks, I would even pair it with grey. You could also switch out the belt for a multitude of colours.

Then there are the black denim skinnies. I have not purchased black jeans in decades, yes decades. I’ve been trying to find the right pair with no luck and then I was in Carriage Trade and Kathleen and Kit recommended the Second Denim black skinnies. LIFE CHANGING! First ladies you need to go down a size (some will go down two) because of the four way stretch. For yoga enthusiasts you literally can do any pose you want in these jeans. I just want to run around with my kids and look good (I have much lower standards). Then the rise is higher, so no overhang in front or in back. Sit down and don’t worry about anything showing. Lastly, for all my tall ladies out there the inseam is 35 full inches. Do you see how it gathers at my ankle, when was the last time skinny jeans did that on you? It’ll happen every time you wear Second Denim (for those six feet and under)!! Annie this ones for you. One more thing Second Denim Co. is a Canadian company!

Back to what I did wrong yesterday… when I started taking photos of me in this blouse I didn’t pay attention to details.

You’ll say Iva the head shot you took the day before looks fine…nothing wrong with yesterdays photos…

The blouse is wrinkled and I am not wearing the right undergarments. When you want women to trust your opinion on what to put on their bodies you should at least steam your blouse and put on the right bra. This is the least offensive of the photos (hence why I used a side shot of the close up). Ladies wear the right bra, padding is important with most blouses.

Again nothing wrong with the side shot but you want to see the front of the blouse. What I did right is pairing it with leopard print shoes. Leopard and red can do no wrong for me. Many women are afraid of red, if so try this emerald green and pair it with leopard accessories – shoes, handbags or cuffs. It looks great and on trend without trying too hard. 
So the next day I steamed my blouse and put on my black jeans and re-shot the pictures. The outfit looks okay with the blouse untucked but when I tucked it into the jeans I really liked the result. 
Blouse – Joe Fresh
Jeans – Second Denim Co.
Shoes – black Tory Burch (old), leopard Steve Madden (old)
Belt – Cassis (old)
Watch – Michael Kors
Bracelets – Stella & Dot
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  18 Responses to “Green With Envy”


    I don’t actually own a steamer. And I have no time for ironing. So I usually won’t buy something that tends to wrinkle (I know, it’s a terrible strategy!). But you’re absolutely right. The blouse looks totally different, especially in photos, when it’s been steamed.

    I love it paired with the leopard shoes. And also with the red belt. Olive tones and red always look so good together.

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    Hi there, popped back to read your blog today having found it yesterday courtesy of your swop with Avril. Being someone who hates ironing, but despises wrinkles even more, I laughed at your before and after pix of the green shirt. It’s a terrific outfit. Love your blog – going to join up as a follower now. Helen


      Thanks for you kind words and becoming a follower! Avril is amazing and I could not believe she wanted to swap with me.

      If you don’t have one I swear a steamer is the way to go. It has literally changed my life. My husband loves it as well. Maybe I should do a post on it!


    svidja mi se bluzicaa …love it :**


    Ballerinas lover?:) Perfect casual style..


    I think attention to small details really counts:) You have just reminded me that I need to buy some well fitting bras!!


    Such a great color on you, and LOVE that you paired it with leopard printed flats!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:


    Lovely look! I love your TBs and leopard flats!! 🙂

    xo – Sheila


    Those jeans sounds amazing. I have a pair of black stretch skinnies from the Gap that are starting to fade, maybe I’ll have to look out for a new pair…

    And I love the green top with the red belt. It looks great!


      I will be doing a giveaway with Second Denim company (they just announced it on their facebook page called Yoga Jeans). Check them out when you have a chance.


    I love the color of that top!


    Hi, just dropping by again today after being introduced by Avril yesterday. I like a woman who pays attention to the small details. I often restart something if I spot creases in the wrong place on a blouse or top. Or if I’m standing funny and it’s not flattering (quite often) and if it’s really bad – I just don’t bother. Taking photos of yourself is quite a good wake up call to reassess what you look like. And your final finished first photo is definitely the best. You look so well put together.


      Thank you fro coming back to visit! I hope you’ll come back again. My husband is very particular about things being just right and I never quite understood why…but now I do. What a difference a quick steam can make.


    I like the slouchiness of the blouse…
    Sheree xxx


    I love the beautiful jade color of the top and it looks like it was just meant to be parked with that tiny red belt.


    Ah, yes! Nothing like posting pictures of yourself on the ‘net to point out flaws. My iron is always on standby! Love the leopard flats and the color of the blouse, Iva!!! ~Sarah

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