Sep 132012
Quick, Dirty and Lazy Post

Now that I have your attention…when I was talking pictures yesterday I decided to switch out the jeans and add a maxi skirt. My husband hates maxi skirts so I try not to wear them around him. Not because I value his fashion opinion but because I don’t want to hear him complain about what [Read more…]

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Sep 122012
Face On

I always try to post my best face/outfit when I do this blog, because honestly if I didn’t would you follow me or read this blog? I mean I named it “One Chic Mom” so there are some expectations on your part. Don’t blame you. There are days when I wake up and just don’t [Read more…]

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Sep 102012
This is Me Doing Edgy

I’m not edgy, never have been, edgy is Sheree from “It’s not that deep”. I love edgy and how Sheree does it so effortlessly, wish I had more of it. However, I’m okay with that, I’m a classic dresser who follows a few trends a season. Now I do love the look of edgy and [Read more…]

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Sep 072012
Red White and Blue Part 2 - The Flip

I don’t know what this says about me, too many blazers and coloured denim? Is that even possible? Don’t ask my husband or kum Nick or even Dan (insert almost any other male in place of the ones I’ve chosen). On a personal note, unfortunately I am not able to be at two places at [Read more…]

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Sep 062012
Red White & Blue

Summer is still holding on, so nautical outfits still seem appropriate. I think most of us notice the weather change in the early morning and late evening as it cools down. I went to the grocery store & Costco yesterday morning and my son was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and he was cold when [Read more…]

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Sep 052012
Working Girl Wednesdays - Green Dress

A simple green dress from Ann Taylor and a couple of ideas… Just a few words of caution – firstly wear Spanx because this slinky fabric (95% Polyester and 5% Spandex) is not forgiving and secondly if it is a hot day and you will be perspiring do not wear this dress, it will show [Read more…]

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Sep 042012
Back to School - YEAH!!!!

It’s the most wonderful day of the year…back to school. I will miss the summer and I will miss my children but mommy needs the “kids go back to school time”. So nothing is better than a school boy blazer and yellow pants. Still wearing the sun. I hope that back to school went smoothly [Read more…]

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