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I’m not edgy, never have been, edgy is Sheree from “It’s not that deep”. I love edgy and how Sheree does it so effortlessly, wish I had more of it. However, I’m okay with that, I’m a classic dresser who follows a few trends a season. Now I do love the look of edgy and I try to incorporate pieces of it into some of my outfits. That’s what is fun about fashion.

Here is how I do edgy…

Studs and lace.

Blazer – F21
Top – Banana Republic
Jeans – James Jeans
Shoes – Christian Louboutin
Bracelet – Bitter Sweet
Watch – Michael Kors
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  30 Responses to “This is Me Doing Edgy”


    So beautiful and classy! I love the jacket!



    LOVE the studs, LOVE the lace, and those shoes are quite FAB!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:


    Wow, amazing lace top 🙂 You look so pretty 🙂 I’m following you now.


    What a classy way to do edgy. Love the hard/soft combo. You look lovely.


    Yes you are edgy! Python pants=edgy.


    Wow..tone it down you are going waaaaaaay too far over the edge 🙂
    Love the favorite me some edge!
    Sheree xxx


    You are my edgy inspiration. I hope you approve of my blogger love!


    Haha…I am *LOVING* the edgy! It’s still very polished and chic and you added a nice soft touch with the lace! Great look on you!


    WHOA! Love!!!! Good job you!


    Cute top! Love the blazer too. Great look!

    <3 Josephine


    Loving the stud with lace. Awesome look! 🙂

    xo – Sheila

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    Yes! Studs + lace = perfect blend of your classic, feminine style and some edgy fun.



    love that blazer!


    Leopard and Lillies


    Lacy tops and a pair of jeans is a perfect combination!


    Loving the edgy. Sophie x


    That blazer is fabulous! What a great find at F21!!


    Hehe…i think this is like a cross between edgy and classical, but you do wear it well. Also, thanks for drawing my attention to Sheree’s blog. I just followed her on bloglovin. It’s nice to get to know different blogs not just the hyped ones.
    And….do you have Gloria magazine in Canada? Cos even though I work for them, the copy always has to be sent to me in England as I can’t bloody buy it anywhere here.
    You should look into that designer that we are featuring…she has amazing clothes and is still at a very affordable price point. She does made to order and sends internationally. I ordered a dress and I also feel a coat coming up. lol


    Love this combo!


    Oh, I didn’t know that. I mean, I knew there was a large community in Canada, but for some reason I didn’t think you’d be able to get Gloria. Not sure yet when the article is coming out, but I think in 2 weeks time. I’m still working on photos and am sending them over to them tomorrow so by the time it goes to press etc….prob two weeks. I will let you know. And if you get Gloria Glam (special edition of Gloria) there will be also an article about a vintage store here selling super expensive and super rare pieces. Also run by a Croatian lady here in London.


    Wow, thank you so much for the info. I always like to learn about things like that. And, yes, you definitely are way way more over there than us here. Just so you have an idea…I know a grand total of 3 other Croatians here in the UK. 🙁


    it´s so inspiring and this is the the perfect way show it off. @paquetevistasbi


    Love that you paired your edgy with…lace. Such a classy lady!
    Outfit looks great. Can’t believe the blazer is from Forever, it certainly looks way more higher end than that!
    Also, I am now scrolling through Sheree’s blog. Love her style!

    Maja –


    awww i actually love how you do edgy.. it’s feminine chic.. w/ a slight edge w/ the studs!!! lovee your jacket!


    So chic! Love this outfit!


    Not only do you look edgy, but chic and glam as well!


    I like this edgy look! That is a great blazer. So cute.


    Bluza i detalji na sakou su mi super 🙂


    Another fun/great outfit. 🙂 I seriously thought the top was Forever21 but no matter it’s cute and looks like the one I have in blush.


    Thank you soooo much for mentioning me..I’m glad you think I do edgy well!
    This studs suit you…a little edge is always good!
    Sheree xxxx

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