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A friend/fan wanted me to post some does/don’ts when dressing. It’s a great idea and my mind started running on does and don’ts and I just couldn’t figure out where to start. Then my mind started to wander on to other topics and the one thing that stuck was the word “BRA”. Why? Because undergarments (specifically bras) are the foundation of any good wardrobe ESPECIALLY when you’re aging or have had children. When you’re building a house if you don’t have a good foundation, no matter how great the outside looks its going to start to crumble and the whole mess will collapse no matter how much you fight it.

This is a DO for any body type, the right bra, but it is essential if you are big busted or a curvier woman. Want to look smaller and showcase your figure? Buy the right bra. I once went shopping with a girlfriend who only wore poorly made bras. I had her fitted by a specialist and she was amazed how great everything looked on her. She had a waist, which gave her more shape, which made her look better and she felt thinner because tops fit properly.  Some will say that when you’re small busted you don’t need to worry, all I have to say is GRAVITY. Bras are about placement and shape, as you age that all changes.

Now for my moms now if you’ve had children and breast feed you’re going to tell me it’s all the same there? Really? I mean really?

Do not reply to me about no bra if you are in you’re 20s and perky. I am jealous, that’s all you need to know.

This means don’t go to Victoria’s Secret and expect to look like and angel. Not even the angels look like angels. They are air brushed and their bodies are slimmed down. Plus, these are not girls trained for proper bra fittings. How do I know? Because I am a moron and was fitted there bought a bunch of “sexy” bras that didn’t fit me right and I gave them to my sister. I then went to a proper lingerie store. So for the love of God go to a lingerie shop, or if you live in or near Toronto and think you can’t budget for a bra from a lingerie shop go to The Bay.

I purchased some of my bras from Simply Chic on Bloor in The Kingsway. When you are finding the right bra leave your inhibitions at the door and get comfortable. These women will help you find the right undergarment and will have you do the t-shirt test just to prove how right they are. You can do Google searches to find shops near you, I would love for my readers to leave suggestions so we can help our sisters find the right bra. Because I had a proper bra fitting I knew what brands worked for me and the right size, therefore, I was able to find some bras on markdown at Nordstrom Rack and pay close to nothing for them.

Now about The Bay. The Bay carries a brand called Wacoal and there is an amazing woman who rotates across several stores and every third week she can be found in the lingerie department of Sherway Gardens. I forgot what day of the week you can find her there (and

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