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On Tuesday November 27 I was invited to preview Tristan’s Cruise & Spring collection for 2013. The space in the Story’s Building featured beautiful clothing that made me feel that spring was here, or at least that I was going on a cruise. Unfortunately neither of these two things is happening any time soon.
Just some quick information on Tristan – “Tristan is a Canadian fashion designer, manufacturer and retailer with stores in the provinces of Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. The brand has been producing classic styles with a modern twist for 40 years. Tristan has taken on the additional goal of striking a balance between being competitive, and socially and economically responsible. It is important to note that Tristan has found a balance between Asian subcontracting and the maintenance/creation of jobs in Canada, thanks to the adoption of a Canadian manufacturing policy. Tristan continues to manufacture 30% of its garments locally”
Today’s post I will be focusing on the Cruise line with some of these pieces available at stores today.

The Cruise collection is filled with bold colourful prints and polka dot pieces. The fabric is silky (and slinky) and drapes nicely. The polka dot pattern is very small and understated and works wonderfully with the bolder patterns offered. This collection is well thought out because it allows you to mix these patterns without wondering if everything goes – takes the guess work right out of the equation. Who needs clothing stress when heading on a cruise?

If patterns aren’t what you had in mind you can chose from nautical pieces in traditional navy and white with hits of orange. Navy appears to be the basic colour that all other pieces can be paired with. Great tees and tank tops are also available with light knits for cooler nights in mind.

The female model is wearing a beautiful patterned skirt and polka dot top with a metal accent tie around the neck. Loving all the small details in this collection. Shoes are offered as well – loafers or ballet flats in patterns or nautical stripes.

This top can be worn four ways – halter, strapless and tank. Now the fourth way has remained a mystery to me. I’m hoping someone can help me out…

Again the easy pattern play, polka dot trim with the bold patter in the top. The skirt has a great grosgrain ribbon detail along the top and is trimmed with the reverse polka dot pattern. What I didn’t show you was the wonderful exposed zipper in back.

My favourite part of the Tristan collection has to be the attention to detail. It’s all these small things that make their clothing so wonderful. Next post – Tristan Spring 2013.

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  15 Responses to “Tristan Cruise 2013 Preview – Come Sail Away”


    Nice! Love that print actually.
    I’ve always liked Tristan. Haven’t been in for a while now.


      I think because the Canadian market has been so saturated with US competitors we forgot about Tristan. I have to say their clothing for Spring is beautiful.


    Gorgeous prints – really wearable – love these!


    I have never heard of them, but I really like the prints 🙂 Makes me want to go on vacation!
    Maria @verybusymama


    Sitting here in Very Very Cold Dublin and I instantly felt Spring-like when I read your post. Some gorgeous pieces. Are they only available in Canada?


    I’ve not heard of Tristan before – that’s probably because it’s a Canadian brand. There look to be some nice wearable pieces there. I like the models’ colourful pumps. Cute.


    I want to be in the US – I LOVE that first top that can be 4 ways ..
    It’s 1 degree here in the UK and I am FREEZING.
    Always so jealous of such amazing clothes from the US.



    Loving that orange print! So summery but also could work in Autumn/Spring with jeans. Enjoyed reading about this brand – had never heard of it before, Avx


    Wow! The clothes look amazing. I love all of the prints. Especially the skirt the model is wearing. Beatiful.


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    J’adore *French accent* the skirt on the model!!! It is perfect for a cruise — or otherwise! It’s very chic and sassy!!!


    Never heard of the label, but the prints are so pretty. Especially loving the skirt the model is wearing. Hope you had fun.


    You know I always assumed that Tristan was not Canadian (bad blogger). There are some fun prints there – looking forward to the Spring Preview next!


    that orange paisley print is to DIE FOR! Great brand intro.

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