Dec 282012
Ushering in the New Year

I will be ushering in the New Year with my family, nothing fancy but surrounded by lots of love. What I’m wearing represents what I’ll look like on the inside, underneath the jeans and sweater. This is not the best outfit to wear to a house party surrounded by children squealing in delight as we [Read more…]

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Dec 272012
Officially Sweater Weather

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. I spent the holidays with my husbands family in in the great white north of Sudbury – 30 cm (1 foot) of snow greeted us. It seems like a lot, however, there have been times when the snow banks were so high they covered cars [Read more…]

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Dec 212012
It's Going to be a Wet Christmas

The weather has been unstable, honestly, it’s winter and it is raining all the time. Rain is the new snow. I don’t like it. I’m not fond of snow but there is a way things are done. I know I just jinxed myself, but Mother Nature is messing with us and we always lose.  Now [Read more…]

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Dec 202012
Just Playing with the Lilla P Origami Wrap

I just found out my girlfriend Liz has three of the Lilla P Origami Wraps. She loves how versatile they are and says they’re perfect for travel. Bring a long sleeve top and it becomes sleeveless. I couldn’t make the halter or one strap style in this cold Toronto weather – it will have to [Read more…]

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Dec 192012
Fair Isle Fun

I am really enjoying fair isle sweaters, something about me in a ski chalet hanging out. Now I went skiing this year, in February, while I was in Banff. I hadn’t skied in 20 years and just got up one morning and decided I would go skiing alone while my husband was in a series of [Read more…]

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Dec 172012
Lilla P- Tailored for a Casual Lifestyle

Whenever a clothing company approaches me to work with them I feel like Sally Fields “You like me, you really like me!”. Sometimes the collaboration doesn’t work, and then there are times when everything is seamless…introducing Lilla P. In 1998 the line started as a collection of essential tees and then expanded to include jackets, [Read more…]

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Dec 162012
Chunky Knits & Banana Republic

I’ve been glued to my television trying to understand the tragedy in Sandy Hook. I’ve prayed and mourned for the families affected and have been hugging my children tight. Everything else has seemed so trivial. Life will get back to normal especially with the Christmas holiday season in full swing, however, a piece of the [Read more…]

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Dec 142012
Blog Swap - Meet Ana from the Suburban Peasant

Today I have the pleasure of hosting Ana from The Suburban Peasant. I first heard of Ana from a close family friend and have been following her blog ever since. Her Croatian background and Windsor birthplace have found a special place in my blogging heart. She cooks and bakes with passion and always treats her [Read more…]

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Dec 132012
What to Wear When Meeting Jeanne Beker - I Wish

On Tuesday I was invited to view EDIT by Jeanne Beker, now I know that Jeanne was not going to be there (not pretending I wasn’t praying she would decide to just show up and we would become fast friends) but I still had to make sure that I looked like we were old friends. [Read more…]

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Dec 122012
EDIT by Jeanne Beker - Preview Spring 2013

Jeanne Beker is a Canadian Fashion Icon and one of the most important Fashion Reporters of our time. Her signature fringe and distinctive voice have endured her to fashion lovers for over four decades. She introduced me to fashion with her ground breaking show “Fashion Television”. Each week Jeanne would bring viewers the latest couture [Read more…]

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