Jan 292013
Fancy That...

If I had to dress for my profession some would suggest I just stick to yoga pants and the appropriate sweat shirt or work out top. I would be allowed to throw in a pair of jeans for those special occasions. That is what is expected when you are at home…the other side of the [Read more…]

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Jan 222013
Every Girl Needs A Coat

Fur is a sensitive subject, to some individuals (and organizations) it is very black and white. Very few things in life are black and white. I am not going to discuss fur and the ethics associated with it. That is for a different blog. I am going to say that I just love this coat. [Read more…]

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Jan 182013

One of my favourite things about winter is layering – adding colour and texture to an outfit makes up for the dreariness or cold of winter. When layering a dress and shirt just watch out for bunching and extra bulk around the mid-section. Plus the dress riding up and showing all your best parts. 😉 [Read more…]

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Jan 152013
Cozy Up

With cold weather upon us (again) I’m back in sweater gear and enjoying chunky knits. I love the texture and dimension they bring to an outfit. This is my first Style Panel Challenge for Fashion Magazine. Check out how other bloggers are wearing knits and keeping warm and fashionable here. Sweater – Vince Jeans – [Read more…]

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Jan 142013
Back to Life Back to Reality

With 2013 in full swing, kids back to their routine, father back in Windsor, getting my ticket kicked I am ready to blog again. Since its been a while I’m taking it slow… Cashmere and flannel with boyfriend jeans is today’s outfit. The weather in Toronto has been erratic. Its been very mild and rainy. [Read more…]

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Jan 092013
Guest Post - Nathy from Earnestyle

Hello everyone…long time no post. I am still a bit busy and won’t be able to post anything new till next week. I haven’t been able to properly visit all the wonderful blogs out there (Sorry Sheree, Susan, Jenny, Kristina, Avril, Beth, Sue, the rest of my favourite UK bloggers). However, the great thing about [Read more…]

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Jan 032013
Happy New Year & We Have a Winner

Happy 2013! I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the new year, I was able to spend some time in Windsor and crossed the border to watch a football game (Lions lost) and do some shopping (Blazer & button down from Brooks Brothers, tailored perfection). While in Windsor I scored a pair of skinny [Read more…]

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