Jan 142013

With 2013 in full swing, kids back to their routine, father back in Windsor, getting my ticket kicked I am ready to blog again. Since its been a while I’m taking it slow…

Cashmere and flannel with boyfriend jeans is today’s outfit. The weather in Toronto has been erratic. Its been very mild and rainy. The kids were happy to see their grand parents, aunt and uncle over the weekend. Lots of soccer games and football games were watched and now hockey is going to be added to the mix. I better get used to this, three boys and a slightly more mature husband means my house is a sports zone.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, here’s to Monday!

Cashmere Sweater – Costco
Jeans, Booties, Flannel Shirt – The Gap
Watch – Michael Kors
Bracelet – Stella & Dot
Necklace – Urge to Splurge
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    Welcome back! Our house has been a crazy sports zone lately too. TOO.MUCH.FOOTBALL – I actually prefer hockey but realistically that is my guilt free blogging time.


    Welcome back. Love the cashmere sweater. Sports season is kicking off here too .. but with a daughter and no sons, we can generally send the OH to the playroom to watch, whilst we plonk ourselves in front of The Voice or Dancing on Ice on the bigger tv 🙂 (By the way, I finally got around to joining bloglovin’ as requested!)


    Wait…it’s january and there’s no snow??? But you live in Canada. Don’t you have snow for like…3 months of the year at the very least.
    I’m disappointed now. 😉


    ohh i love this outfit! i’ve been wanting a cashmere sweater and i loved it paired with the green plaid!


    A relaxed yet sexy look. Very nice!


    Ever since I started boyfriend jeans last summer, I’m a convert. Normally, I change into my track pants the minute I get home but I can happily wear boyfriend jeans all day long. Love the simple casual look! Yup, it’s back to the grind now that school has started though it was equally fun when all the schools in Hampshire were closed thanks to the heavy snowfall.


    Love those boots!!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog


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