Jan 182013

One of my favourite things about winter is layering – adding colour and texture to an outfit makes up for the dreariness or cold of winter.

When layering a dress and shirt just watch out for bunching and extra bulk around the mid-section. Plus the dress riding up and showing all your best parts. 😉
With that being said have a great weekend!
Coat – Rudsak (old)
Dress – Banana Republic
Shirt – Banana Republic
Booties – Coach (old)
Necklace – Joe Fresh
Tights – 
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 January 18, 2013  Posted by on January 18, 2013

  11 Responses to “Layers”


    Love (want!) that necklace! I’ve often wondered when I see your pics .. do you have nosy neighbours peering out the window and wondering what you’re doing ?? 🙂


    You look great Iva. ps. look whats peeking over your left shoulder in the first picture!


    Love that coat! Looking super stylish as always. Keep warm this weekend, Avril x


    Stunning!! I had to wear 5 layers today but nothing as polished as this.


    Stylish and warm a great combination. Looking great Iva and loving the new style of photo.


    I like the outdoor photos too. Im also noticing distinct lack of snow…hmm…we have more than you. 😉


    love those tights! i like your sweater from your previous post too.
    you are definitely one stylish mama 🙂

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    SUCH a gorgeous color on you, Iva! I love the layering of the denim shirt and fabulous necklace at your throat. And those tights are awesome!!! ~Sarah

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