Feb 142013
I have no plans for Valentine’s Day. Last year my husband and I enjoyed a beautiful dinner out, this year pork roast from the crock pot with the kids. I did have the pleasure of going to the Express Summer Preview at Brill communications. That is where I got my Valentine’s Day Fix. The women of Brill know how to host a media preview!

I have to say that my favourite part was the jewelry, I just couldn’t get enough.

As you can see Express touched on all the latest trends both in colour (brights, pastels and black & white) and silhouettes. My favourite part was hearing that they have pants that come in tall. Okay that wasn’t my favourite part, my favourite part was hearing that Express made a corporate decision to treat its Canadian customer with love (Happy Valentine’s Day) and respect and not gouge us at the cash register. Express has price parity with the United States. Lots of American retailers could learn something from Express.

Now all I need is a Sherway Gardens location and we are set.

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  6 Responses to “Express Summer Preview – Showing Canadian LOVE”


    Express was one of my favourite stores when I lived in the US. LOVE that yellow necklace. Stunning colour.


    I’m loving the yellow touches. Particularly drawn to the aztec mini skirt with the yellow highlights. So fun for the summer.


    I agree with the color.. so beautiful! Great way to celebrate Valentines for a change!

    Check out my snapshots from Seychelles!

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