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I didn’t get many outfit shots during the first half of Fashion Week. I was busy working, enjoying myself and taking photos of the event. That all changed on Friday (yup, the final day) with the help of some blogging friends – Jane from Toronto Shopoholic and Jenny from Crazy Style Love. We all received the Cobalt Blue Memo the night before and dressed accordingly…just joking…we couldn’t have planned it if we tried.

One thing that surprised many people was my height, Jane and Jenny had seen me on The Marilyn Denis Show and read my posts where I complain about not being able to find clothes that fit properly so knew to look up. It is funny hearing people saying “I never knew you were so tall”.

My final thoughts of World MasterCard Fashion Week can be found in today’s (Insert City Here) Sun in the Life section. That’s right folks I’m going National and I’m more shocked then you are. I enjoyed working with Victoria, Monique, Natalia and the rest of the team from QMI Agency. They helped me navigate the craziness of the week and I came out counting the days till October and the Spring/Summer preview.

Dress – Nicole Miller
Belt – BCBG
Purse – Rebecca Minkoff
Shoes – Christian Louboutin
Hair –  Rowenta (big thank you Jessica)
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  16 Responses to “#WMCFW – My Final Look”


    Wow, what a beautiful dress and coat! That color looks beautiful on you Iva! I wish I was your height! I love tall people! My sister is the tallest one in my immediate family and she’s 5’9, but I have girl cousins who are 6’0+ feet tall!


    You look stunning, absolutely stunning and I love, love, love that coat. Colour is gorgeous on you. Helen


    Absolutely gorgeous – WOW, that is all


    Congrats on going national Iva! You’re an inspiration to us bloggers out there!


    Love these photos! Will share this around for sure. And I look so little compared to you! I still can’t get over it 🙂 But doing the math it makes sense 5’4 vs over 6’0.

    And you are so right we couldn’t have planned it better if we tried all matching like that!


    Looking so gorgeous here Iva. Love the outfit and the fact that you were all coordinated too, love that blue skirt!


    You are tall! Tall and stunning! Va va voom


    Iva, the color is stunning on you. This is a fabulous, classic and classy outfit. Love it.


    ladies, you look gorgeous!! Iva you’re stunning in that colour!! xo


    Wow, you are so gorgeous! I love the dress + coat, this is always so chic!
    And the way they styled your hair is fabulous.

    Lady of Style


    Aww, you are just gorgeous Iva, both inside and out! It was so wonderful meetin you in person, and I can’t wait until we get together for dinner!

    xo Jenny



    I just stumbled across your blog by clicking a link on Jenny’s blog (love her!). I’ve just clicked your Follow Me on Bloglovin icon and I’m looking forward to exploring your blog and seeing your daily updates.

    Walking in Pretty Shoes


    Iva (fabulous name by the way, my aunt has the same name) I am so in love with this outfit, especially the colour on you. The dress fits you like a glove! Stunning! And you were on the Marilyn Dennis show?!? For some weird reason that’s always been my dream so I’m a tad jelous :p


    Iva, you’re absolutely stunning! I love your hair and the outfit is beyond elegant.

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