Apr 292013
My Boyfriend's Back

I don’t know about you, but when I like something I wear it and it enters heavy rotation in my wardrobe. I love these boyfriend jeans and I am wearing them every opportunity I get. My dark skinnies are boring me. These boyfriend jeans are different. Plus I can’t get enough of the Canadian Tuxedo. [Read more…]

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Apr 262013
A Little Pink Dress - Big Changes

I’m always preaching about stepping out of your comfort zone and mixing colours and trying dresses and skirts and having fun and blah blah blah. I’m taking my own advice today. I ordered this dress online from Gap because it’s a very different silhouette then what I’m used to. I’m more of a structured dresser [Read more…]

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Apr 242013
Brights - Featuring Salsa Jeans

I’ve been posting a lot this week. I’ve been busy. Admittedly I’ve taken things slowly with this blog the first quarter of 2013. In January I was consumed with being a finalist/winner with the Marilyn Denis show’s Search for Real Canadian Women. February was about taking it easy. March was about #WMCFW and working with [Read more…]

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Apr 232013
Monochromatic - I'm Seeing Blue

When I venture into the monochromatic look I make sure that whatever colour I decide to wear that the hues are the same tone. Let me explain, when I mix my reds I make sure that they have a blue undertone and not the orange of a tomato red, or if I wear yellow I [Read more…]

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Apr 222013
Cocoa Jewelry Giveaway - Blazers & Boyfriends

I first discovered Cocoa Jewelry in Shopepers Drug Mart during the fall. One of the kids was sick and I was waiting to pick up a prescription. I browsed the Beauty Boutique and admired the jewelry display full of great finds and picked up my first Cocoa piece a ring. Between the four kids I [Read more…]

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Apr 192013
The Canadian Tuxedo & a Favour

According to the Urban Dictionary the definition for a Canadian Tuxedo is: Made popular by the movie Super Troopers when the Sergeant appears wearing a denim jacket with a pair of jeans (could be matching or not). You see someone wearing jeans and a jean jacket…”Hey Denim DAN, nice Canadian Tuxedo” The definition has expanded [Read more…]

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Apr 182013
Rowenta Versa Style & Chambray

When I attended World MasterCard Fashion Week (WMCFW) my favourite booth was easily the one sponsored by Rowenta Beauty. Now I know about Rowenta because I own one of their garment steamers. I keep it in my bedroom next to my bed and I’ve owned it for 8 years and bought one for my mother [Read more…]

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Apr 162013
Spring Transition and Purges

I honestly wasn’t sure I would be able to write about transitioning my winter to spring wardrobe because of the weather we’ve been having in southern Ontario. Just when I thought warmer weather was in the forecast we were hit with an ice storm. Any way, it seems like Mother Nature is finally in the [Read more…]

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Apr 122013
They Didn't Make the Cut

And yet I’m showing you my reject posts. There are various reasons I didn’t feature the following outfits. I’ll let you guess why. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Okay, this is all about the bad hair. WTF.

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Apr 102013
Meetings & PR Events - What to Wear?

When I started this blog it was a creative outlet to share what I was wearing with other women. A year later I’m being invited to PR events, attending Fashion Week, working with publications like QMI Agency (Sun Media) and taking meetings with different retailers/fashion lines. So what’s a girl to wear? Depends on the [Read more…]

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