May 102013

Let’s take a look at the outfit first…

Jean Jacket & Chambray Shirt, The Gap. Jeans, Yoga Jeans (old). Necklace, Banana Republic. Bracelet, Cocoa Jewelry. Watch, Michael Kors (old). Shoes, Naturalizer (old). Sunglasses, Burberry (old).

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and so is my birthday – I am turning 38. This last year has been amazing for me because of this little blog.  I’m not famous or making any money (yet…it is a goal) but it’s nice to have something that is mine. I’ve gotten to go to WMC Fashion Week and tweet for QMI agency, attend Clothing Previews, been featured in the Toronto Sun and given some great products (clothing, accessories, perfume, skin care products, tablet etc.). I even made it to TV as one of the winners of The Marilyn Denis Show’s Real Canadian Women Model Search. The best experience was the most recent – I partnered with Pomp and Pageantry, a Toronto boutique, for their month-long celebration of Moms. They had a little photo shoot for my children and I and the pictures were perfect. Pomp and Pageantry will be donating 10% of their sales during the month of May to MumNet. The mother’s group that has been a staple in my life since the birth of my daughter.

I can’t lie I would love to receive some extravagant gifts – an outrageously expensive handbag, red soled shoes, jewelry in a little blue box or a convertible in the driveway (if I’m going to wish, I’m wishing BIG). However, this year there are other things that need to be purchased like Adidas running shoes, dance lessons, books and a toy dragon because my youngest is POTTY TRAINED!!! Honestly best gift is not having any of them in diapers. See? This is all it takes to make me happy…plus a stop at Burger King (click here to learn more).
I often get asked “How do you do it? How do you find the time to shower, let alone dress?” There is no easy answer, no formula or schedule I follow.  I give myself the time I need to feel my best because I AM WORTH IT.  Those are four very easy words to write, yet very hard words to believe. I give the best of myself to my family. I do laundry, I hug the hurt, restrain them when stitches are being applied, I clean up after sickness, I am there to answer the questions, I wipe away the tears, I listen to childhood problems and the politics of the playground. I use my high school French, I feel their pain, physical or emotional and know life will only get harder. I give everything of myself and I complain about it, I suffer silently, I am a martyr and I am selfish.

Life may start at point A but it never ends in a perfectly straight line to point B, why would motherhood? Motherhood is easy and then difficult by noon. I often wonder how the hell I got here – stay at home mother of four and three of those little people are boys! There are times I throw my hands up in defeat and then I give myself a minute to calm down and push my way through until bedtime. Then when everyone is asleep I pour myself a glass of wine and curse and then I thank God I have the four little monkeys. I am blessed to be a mother because the alternative would break my heart.

If you feel the need to get me something all I am still asking for are votes for the Salsa Jeans Blogger Challenge. It requires a Facebook account. PLEASE vote for me here, I’m on page 7. My goal is to make the Top 15 and from there a Judging Panel pick the top 5. You can only vote once, for those who have voted Thank You.

I am linking up with the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore. Check out what the other bloggers wore here.

Anyway Happy Mother’s Day!

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    You’re outfit is perfect 😀

    Have a great day with lots of gifts girl 🙂

    Have a great weekend !

    Kisses !


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    Happy Birthday!! See you tonight 😉


    What a beautiful post! Wishing you a {albeit early!} Happy Birthday!! I hope there is a blue box or a pair of red soled somethings waiting for you…
    I tried to vote, it won’t let me like the photo! Can you only vote once??


    Hope you have a happy birthday and Mother’s Day! Completion of potty training is one of the ultimate gifts for a mom, if you ask me! Yay to no more diapers. Love the photos of you and your little ones. 🙂


    What a lovely way to do the double denim trend (rushes to wardrobe in search of shirt & jacket!)
    Thanks for more inspiration xx


    A beautiful post about the heaven and hell that is motherhood!! Thank you 🙂


    What a lovely post Iva, fair play to you I have one and it’s bloody hard work sometimes. I also take my hat off to all SAHM’S as that is the hardest job in the world! Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday, hope something nice awaits you! X


    Happy mother’s day and happy birthday! I’m so happy we finally got to meet 🙂 you are gorgeous outside and in and your family is beautiful <3


    Happy Birthday! I love reading your blog, keep up the good work!



    Happy birthday, Iva. I really enjoyed this post….
    I hope your blog gets even bigger and better, it’s so nice to come over here. Even though I don’t always comment, I do see and read all the posts.
    I’m a Taurus too. My birthday was one day before yours. 😀


    Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day. This was a really lovely post. Just to say that I’ve tried on many occasions to vote for you but for some reason, salsa jeans don’t like me and I can’t access their page? Will keep trying! Helen


    Great post! Hope your day was great!


    Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s day. This was a great well written and honest post. I too am a mother of four, 3boys and a girl. I am ahead of you with two reaching adulthood. My daughter graduated from college on Saturday! All I can say is that it is all worth it. I get to see the fruits of my labor and am overwhelmed with the joy of their successes and still their to lend a shoulder for troubles. Don’t let anyone scare you about those teen years they can be incredible and the conversations with them will blow you away! You have a lot to look forward to. Always make time for yourself and find time to go out for even just a lunch with a friend to recharge your batteries.


    Iva this is so beautifully written! You are totally WORTH IT my friend:)! So sorry I missed your birthday! Hope this year is filled with many sweet surprises, happy success stories, and an ever growing blog:)! P.S. You have such a beautiful family! I will make sure to vote for you!


    Would Love for you to join my link party where we pin all who join at

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