Jul 052013
Pretty in Pink

I have been waiting to use that title. When I pick out a dress I look for a very simple and sleek silhouette. It always works on me and it’s no fuss. It’s not that I don’t try different silhouettes, it’s just that they usually don’t look good on me. When I did the Pomp [Read more…]

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Jul 032013
LBD because of Vichy

When I am invited to PR events I get excited – it’s time to play dress up! No kids tugging or pulling on me, I’m not wiping up spilled milk (or anything really) or getting grease on my clothes because someone didn’t wash their hands or any. During Luminato, Toronto’s Festival of Arts and Creativity [Read more…]

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Jul 022013
Summer is Officially Underway

School is out, Canada has been celebrated and now the real work starts…entertaining the kids before they go back to school. Well, not really entertain them (they need to figure that on their own), but have some stuff planned. To be honest, I don’t have much planned for the kids. We were supposed to be [Read more…]

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