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On Wednesday my children and I were invited to the official media launch of Reebok’s newest line of ATV19 footwear for kids.

The press release stated:
“Whether children want to run on pavement, climb on rocks, or play in the mud, Reebok has created the perfect shoe in its ATV19, which allows them to carry on playing whatever the conditions. Brand new to the Reebok Kids Fall/Winter 2013 collection, the ATV19 has 19 unique, colourful pods on the sole each designed with a rubber outsole to give kids added grip and traction while playing.

Having already established itself in the kids sport footwear market through its RealFlex and ZigTech offerings, Reebok is extending its kids offering with the ATV19 collection by giving kids a shoe that adapts to whatever surface they are playing on. Inspired by the tread of an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), each pod on the ATV19 is strategically positioned to cushion the foot, provide traction when moving and be durable for all environments.

“At Reebok, we wanted to create a shoe that was not only practical, but also fun for kids to play in,” said Stewart Clark, Reebok Brand Leader. “Reebok understands that children don’t move to keep fit, they are active because it’s enjoyable. This is why we created the ATV19 as it allows kids to keep on having fun no matter where they are.”

Reebok hosted a playful event held at Toronto City Sports Centre to launch the new line which presented attending kids with the opportunity to try on the brightly coloured shoes as they went through Reebok’s ATV19 Obstacle Course.

Reebok’s ATV19 Obstacle Course was led by Jackie Clark, owner and general manager at FirePower Kids, a kids-focused fitness facility in Milton, Ontario, whose mission is to build a community of fitness through entertaining and unique programming, including CrossFit Kids and Circus fitness. Clark led the preschoolers and grade-schoolers through basic exercises that not only allowed them to experience the Reebok ATV19 on varied surfaces and through different activities, but to also learn about the importance of fitness at a young age.

Available in stores and online now, the ATV19 footwear for kids has bright pops of colour and unique shapes, making it ideal for the active child. The look, feel and technology are designed so that kids’ imaginations are opened up to the endless possibilities the shoe gives them.

Reebok Kids ATV19 footwear is available at Foot Locker, Sears, Sport Chek and through at $75 for grade school sizes and $65 for preschool sizes.”

I don’t usually blog about children’s events but my kids had so much fun I wanted to share (they wanted to sleep with their new shoes, I had to draw the line somewhere) and Reebok Canada is offering one of my readers a free pair of Reebok ATV19. Just in time for back to school so I couldn’t resist! (This giveaway is only open to Canadian Residents, sorry!)

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Reebok Kids ATV19 shoes Reebok Kids ATV19 shoes  2

Reebok Kids Obstacle Course ATV 19. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  August 21, 2013 (photo: Vito Amati)

Reebok Kids Obstacle Course ATV 19. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  August 21, 2013 (photo: Vito Amati)

Reebok Kids Obstacle Course ATV 19. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  August 21, 2013 (photo: Vito Amati)

Reebok Kids Obstacle Course ATV 19. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  August 21, 2013 (photo: Vito Amati)

Reebok Kids Obstacle Course ATV 19. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  August 21, 2013 (photo: Vito Amati)

Photo credit for the event shots is Vito Amati

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  20 Responses to “#Reebok ATV19 For Kids & Giveaway”


    Cool kicks! Looks like they’ll make any kid pumped to wear them!



    Those are cute!


    My son said he wants new shoes, and everything else from staples. lol. He really wants a new backpack – he said Billabong – I said, ya … right..


    New lunch bag essential every year even if they look sort of clean…


    my kids want new shoes, new backpacks and new lunch kits. Oh, and new jeans 🙂


    Get your kids on a schedule before school starts


    Pick up back to school things gradually throughout the summer so you are more relaxed right before school starts.


    We have boxes set up for Mondays to fridays and I fill the boxes with the stuff my son needs for school for that day. That way, I don’t forget anything in the morning before he heads off.


    A new backpack to get them excited!


    We bought new backpacks and lunchbags. That definitely got them excited!


    My kids want trendy shoes/sneakers for back to school.


    My son wants new shoes,clothes,and a Zwipes binder,


    I think every school should offer group buys for the basics – the fun shopping is reebok shoes and cool backpacks.


    Great pics!


    My daughter really really wants those pens and felts sets that you get made with your name on them.


    We plan out lunch meals together and do up a meal schedule to make things easier. That way I can buy in bulk and make some foods ahead of time.


    Disposable lunch containers for when they get grungy & smelly then you dont have alot of $ invested if they get lost 😉


    I take my son BTS grocery shopping with me and he helps pick his lunch menu and prepare it.


    Use some of school supplies from year before. Scissors ,rulers,


    We pick clothes out the night before and they get to pick fruit, snacks and drinks to put in their lunches so we have less complaining lol

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