Aug 222013

I spent the first half of this summer teaching my two oldest how to ride their bikes, I’m going to be working on my third. My son is zipping through the neighbourhood while my daughter is finally finding her confidence to ride with joy and freedom. We’ve been going on daily bike rides. I actually walk with my youngest while he pedals his trike or he walks and I carry his trike. Fashion becomes rumpled and used. Shirts don’t stay tucked and shorts get creased. I’m really enjoying my summer.

shorts & chambray 1

shorts & chambray 2

Shirt & Shorts, The Gap (tall). Belt, Cassis (old). Bracelet, c/o Cocoa Jewelry. Flip Flops, Tkees (old).

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 August 22, 2013  Posted by on August 22, 2013

  8 Responses to “Shorts & Chambray”


    So I LOVE chambray…and yellow. So safe to say I love this outfit!

    Found ya via the new Facebook group through Savvy Moms!

    Got yourself a new follower! 🙂



    Love it! Basically my summer too, except with only one kid and a scooter. I am always rumpled, sandy and occasionally snooty (his, not mine)!
    xo Emma


    I added your blog to my Bloglovin feed as well. And by the way, I am OBSESSED with chambray and have posted it about it like a million times.


    This post made me smile! Memories!! I’m past the trike stage … but am embarking on the huffing, puffing, eye-rolling ‘whatever’ stage – oh joy!!!!


    Cute, yet so comfy looking!


    Pretty much every outfit post I do involves wrinkled clothes, because MomLife.

    Love your shorts!

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