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My friend Jenny (Crazy Style Love) and I have debated this for a while, what do we offer our readers? Does every outfit have to be special? Or can we style some simple clothing as inspiration? While I love to mix things up, sometimes I’m lazy/tired/busy and all I can offer is an updated version of a similar outfit I’ve already worn. Today’s post is just that. I added a statement necklace with some colour and a pair of wedges and I was ready for dimmer with some friends. Any thoughts? I would love to hear from you.

stripes dressed up 2

stripes dressed up 1

stripes dressed up 3

Skirt, Yoanna Baraschi (old). Tee, Gap (Tall), Wedges, Michael Kors (old). Necklace, Banana Republic. Sunglasses, Burberry (old).

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    Love the new lay out of the blog Iva ! What a great change ! Congrats and good luck in your new project !

    XX Luba

    Summer vibe and Ibiza passion in my post today


    There’s nothing wrong with a simple outfit! I love to see them because it gives me inspiration to not take fashion too seriously. I find myself overthinking a look and I like seeing some back to basic outfits to bring my back to reality.

    Great skirt! Loving the necklace as well!

    Bold Subtlety 


    Lets face it, we all wear our favourite outfits the same way over in over in real life. I think remixing them a bit offers our readers insight into how they can do it themselves. I think it is more real. I mean I have styled the same eyelet dress I think 5 times this summer.


    I couldn’t agree with you more. We all have certain days where we go the extra mile with an outfit – that doesn’t mean the other outfits are less fun/fabulous. I love today’s outfit on you!


    First of all, LOVE your new design! Whoa! Very nice. 🙂
    Secondly, I feel you. I think about that all the time. My blog is really just me documenting my looks and being a part of the blogging community so I guess I don’t think about what I’m offering my readers, but I do sometimes feel like an outfit is too basic or not special enough to document.

    And then there are the outfits I really like and would love to showcase on the blog but can never get pictures with them! I can think of 3 different outfits I’ve worn more than twice this summer in the hopes that that will be the day I get to take photos. But so far none of them have made it on the blog. It happens.


    I love a simple outfit. I get inspiration from everywhere!
    xo Emma


    I love simple outfits, and I also think it’s fun to see how someone styles a single item in many different ways. Hope you had a great dinner with your friends!


    It’s definitely something I struggle with, but I’m quickly realizing that I can find so much inspiration in the simplest of outfits, and also by seeing how others style the same pieces in slightly different ways. You look as fabulous as always and I love the pop of colour with your necklace.

    xo Jenny


    I love the simple outfits. Not everyone can have a closet full of high end clothes. It is more ispirational to see something that I can remix myself.


    I’m a fan of simple outfits… simply because I’m a mom and 6 months pregnant, and there are days when stretchy + cotton is how it has to be. But I do like how you added little touches of pretty, like that necklace. The wedges also look nice… so it’s simple but attractive and looks put together. Nicely done!

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