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That’s what the invitation said – Please join us for breakfast at Tiffany’s on Thursday September 5th.

My heart skipped a beat and I had images of everything in Tiffany Blue.

I was invited to view the new Tiffany’s Toronto Store located on 150 Bloor St., have breakfast with some of the most stylish bloggers and media in Toronto and try on all the jewelry my heart desired. Was there ever a choice? Here are my top five favourite features of the new store:

  1. Inspired by Tiffany’s iconic Fifth Avenue flagship store
  2. Just inside the front doors in the Entry Vestibule, customers are greeted by a glittering sculpture feature installed on site by Japanese artist Nami Sawada. The piece is made up of a spectrum of Tiffany blue, iridescent and silver pieces that gives the appearance of floating leaves
  3. The Tiffany Magnolia pattern on glass is inspired by the stained-glass magnolia screens originally designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany for his Manhattan home on 72nd street. The iridescent mother-of-pearl is also directly inspired by the Favrile glass first designed and patented by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late 1800’s
  4. The Engagement Salon is reminiscent of the Fine Jewellery Salon downstairs with blue lacquer walls and a Tiffany Magnolia carpet and chandelier. Fully-leafed glass Tiffany Magnolia panels by John Opella provide a backdrop to the consultation desk. There is a seating area below a bridal gallery wall, which features artwork of wedding romance and the famous six-prong Tiffany setting
  5. Artwork includes two commissioned pieces by New York artist Nancy Lorenz. Inspired by one of our archival starburst brooches from the 1930s, our colorful gemstones and our high-quality silver, Lorenz created two contemporary artworks featuring materials of silver leaf and mother of pearl

To be quite honest, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the beauty and intimidated to try on the exquisite jewelry with the matching price tags. I eventually let go and did try on a few things. If I get invited again I’m trying it all on! I never dreamed I would be having “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” so I just took it all in and enjoyed the splendour…I left a crying almost 4 year with my husband. My morning went something like this:

Crying 4yo “I don’t want to go to school.”

Me “I don’t want to be 38.” He didn’t get the injustice. He refused to eat, put on his clothes or do anything except follow me around the house with big crocodile tears. Maybe that’s why I just couldn’t believe my luck. This is where I spent the remainder of that glorious morning:

Tiffany's 6

Tiffany's 5

The store is just beautiful. Tiffany’s has captured our imagination and made jewelry shopping an experience you won’t soon forget. If you’re ever in the area stop by and take in the design and enjoy the artistry and craftsmanship. I know I did.

Tiffany's 4

I did post quite a few pictures on Instagram, I hope you enjoyed all the sparkle. I have the big 40 right around the corner so I got lots of great ideas. The darn number is following me everywhere. So what to wear? I had lots of running around with the kids so I had to be a bit practical. I did wear my favourite sequin top from Tristan that women and little girls just love.

Tiffany's 2

Tiffany's 1

 Blazer, JCrew (old but similar here & here). Top, Tristan. Jeans, Yoga Jeans (here). Shoes, Christian Louboutin (here). Sunglasses, House of Harlow 1960 (similar style here). Watch, Michael Kors.

I am a bit obsessed with using my Hana flat iron to make these effortless waves. I don’t know why I just started doing this to my hair. Why was I so afraid?

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    What an AMAZING opportunity and I ADORE that top. 🙂

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