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Last month I changed the name and look of my blog. The reaction to the layout has been overwhelmingly positive. The new look is professional and inviting. It also shows everyone what I’ve been doing with my recently added “Press & Features” page and gives a snapshot of all my other social media apps. Now I’m going to explain why “Falling In Style”.

I’ve already explained the mixed response of “One Chic Mom” – to re-cap mom’s aren’t cool or stylish (well they are but not everyone has realized that) and I’m not a traditional “mommy blogger”. So there started the search for my new blog name. I came up with a list of about 20 names and there were a few stand outs. I loved “Left on Leland” but most opinions on that where HUH? What does that even mean? So I went back to the drawing board. I did some internet searches and found “Falling In Style” I liked it but it didn’t connect…yet.

On Monday June 17th I opened my e-mail and read a request to appear on Canada AM to discuss pregnancy fashion for Yorkdale Mall, for the next day. For those of you unfamiliar with Canada AM it is the most popular Canadian national morning show. I had to read the e-mail over a few times just to make sure that I wasn’t hallucinating, then I started shouting and cheering!! Yorkdale wanted me to be their spokesperson on Canada AM!! I guess having 4 kids made me the most qualified for something. The next 14 hours are a whirlwind of activity – getting models fitted, going over outfit choices, writing my script, meetings with all involved parties, getting my outfit selected and prepared for the next day, scheduling my family around this TV request, posting on social media and going over everything over and over again. I was exhausted but exhilarated and I was ready for this new chapter in my life. I had only been working for Yorkdale for one short month but they had faith in me and my talents (even if I didn’t know what they were). They seemed confident in their decision in asking me to be their spokesperson and I wasn’t going to let them down

I had stopped “working” almost nine years to the day I was given this opportunity and I was overwhelmed with happiness. I had a new job and it was amazing! I’ve appeared on the “Marilyn Denis Show” so I knew my way around a TV studio and that didn’t phase me. On Marilyn I had been a “model” but now I was going to be doing all the talking and I was excited (honestly only a bit nervous) – I really wanted to do the talking. My mind was whirling with excitement. Here’s my next work chapter!! I had been looking for a new career and I had finally found it. I set my alarm, went over everything one more time and went to sleep. I had to be in studio for 7:45 am. I was going to wake up for 5:15 am to shower, eat, do my hair and go over the script a few times.

When I woke up it wasn’t to an alarm, it was to sun streaming through my walk-in closet and onto my face. I had left the door open and the shade up. When I came too I realized something. I didn’t hear an alarm to wake me up.

I didn’t hear an alarm.


I grabbed my phone, it was 6:50 am.

HOLY SHIT, it was 6:50 am!!

Now my kids are usually up by now but they slept in, my alarm went off but the volume was set to “so low that I didn’t hear the damn thing” and my husband didn’t need to set his. I started yelling “Ivan I slept in, please help me”.

My husband is a very deep sleeper but he heard that and the man was up in a shot.

I had NEVER slept in for anything of any importance in my life. NEVER in 38years! I am one of those nervous sleepers when there is an important date – everything wakes me up, I’m always up before the alarm and I never feel like I reach that restful sleep phase. So here I am in a  panic. Trying to calm myself down and wanting nothing more than to break down and cry. I just kept thinking “I posted this on Facebook and tweeted it and now I’m going to make a fool of myself. Everyone knows. EVERYONE KNOWS. I shouldn’t have been so happy and told anyone. I’m being punished”. I’m Catholic.

I ran into the bathroom to take the fastest shower ever. I had done my hair the night before (thank you Misikko for the Hana Flat Iron full review to follow) so it was going to have to do and my make-up would be done in studio. I already had my outfit and accessories ready. I changed into  jeans and a t-shirt and grabbed everything I needed and ran to the minivan. My poor husband just sort of stood around. There really wasn’t anything he could do except tell me over  and over again that I was going to do fine. That everything was going to be okay. I just kept telling him “I’m going to get fired! I just started this job and I’m already going to lose it.” I got into my minivan at 7:10 am and had a half an hour to get to the studio. It was doable as long as there was no traffic.

I did drive a bit faster then usual but thank God traffic was light. I had time to think in the car. My first thoughts where “I’m not going to make it. What are they going to do when I am not there?”. I almost broke down again but stopped myself – if I do make it to studio on time and I have the cry face on I will look like an idiot. DO NOT CRY!! I’ve been waiting for something to come out of this blogging and here it is and I screwed it up. I stayed at home for 9 years with 4 kids and I couldn’t set a stupid alarm clock. I graduated from university and had a great job and I stayed home to raise the kids and those smug women (us vs. them types, we all know them) who work where going to have a field day with this. Plus I had posted it on-line because I was happy and proud of myself. I was a failure, I couldn’t even set an alarm. Those where the things going through my head, I mean there was lots of swear words added but I am trying to keep it clean.

I was tough on myself and then I started thinking about my mom and what would she say? She would tell me to get a hold of myself, that there are worse things in life then being given a TV opportunity and sleeping in. There are women with real problems and that I needed to calm down and kick ass. No one knew I slept in. No one knew I had screwed up. I had to push through and “Fake it till I make it”. So that’s what I decided to do. I decided to be the confident, professional, fun and intelligent woman I wanted everyone to think I was. I was not going to crack and let all my frenemies have the last laugh. I would be the one doing all the laughing thank you very much. I would own this moment and the outcome. I would succeed because I had no other choice.

I made it to studio at the same time as everyone else. I was on time and I was ready.

The experience was amazing. It really was. Beverly and Marci are great at their job and it was a treat to watch them work. I was told I did a great job and that I was a natural. I enjoyed every second I was on-air (I think you can still watch it here). I just hope I get to do more.

After this happened and I went over my list of new blog names “Falling in Style” made sense. My first TV segment could have been a total disaster but it wasn’t. When all this was happening I felt like the opening credits of “Mad Men” when the man is falling off the skyscraper, except I had survived. I was “Falling in Style”.

Falling into Style

Falling into Style

Falling into Style

Falling into StyleBlouse, skirt, bracelets and shoes, J Crew. Sunglasses, Burberry (old)

These pictures were taken by my amazing brother-in-law Kevin MacAuley from Kaptured Memories. I am wearing the exact same outfit as I did on-air. Kevin is a wonderful photographer. He honed his skills working for the Canadian Military in their Combat Camera unit. Kevin witnessed and captured some of the worst atrocities committed by people around the globe, yet he still seems to see the beauty in everything. Kevin is based in Sudbury but would love to come to Toronto for you and your family. If you have a moment check out his website.

Anyway, I struggled about sharing this story. No one likes to discuss some of their most embarrassing moments but I just wanted to let my readers know the full story.

Tomorrow I am hosting my first Google Hangout discussing Fall Fashion trends for all women. It starts at 1 p.m. If you have a moment come and check it out.

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    Thank for sharing this nice story Iva ! And congratulation on your first TV show ! I am very proud of you !

    XX Luba

    Six ways to wear fall´s hottest trend – a palid shirt, today on


    That’s an incredible story! I’m a wake-up-before-the-alarm type too, so I’m so happy to hear that you made it on time.


    I love this story. I had originally thought of your name in the fashion sense. I now think of it in the Toy Story Buzz Lightyear sense.

    He couldn’t fly, he fell in style (well with style but lets not quibble). Every time he was falling he looked graceful and landed where he needed to be.

    You are right no one knew you had screwed up, you got there at the same time as everyone else. You got where you needed to be.

    Falling in Style is perfect 😉


    This story proves that you’re Supermom. Congratulations on all your success. I’m proud of you.


    Love the story! Sounds like you are a bit of a super woman!
    The outfit is perfect for TV. Stunning!
    xo Emma


    Conrats Iva! It’s been great to watch your blog, and your new career grow, you have a lot to be proud of! Wishing you all the best.



    I love this story. Hard work truly does pay off. You look absolutely stunning in these fotos!



    Great story – seriously you wouldn’t have been able to tell with your on air performance that you missed your alarm! You looked great, and your presentation was flawless! Great job – love the site name – totally suits the purpose of what you’re aiming for!



    Oh Iva! I felt your panic as I was reading your story! Love the name of your blog!


    Vavavoom! You look gorgeous.
    And your strength makes me proud to be a woman. xo


    Oh, that would be so exciting! I can just imagine how thrilled you must have been to get that email!


    Iva, I swear my heart began to beat faster reading this post … even though I knew it would all work out in the end! Such a brilliant post and oh, how I laughed at the ‘I am Catholic’ bit ! Uh huh, share your ‘guilt’ on that one!!! You were incredible on the show, certainly a definite natural – but thank you for letting us know that your life is not as serene and calm as you always look in your photo shots 🙂 Well done you .. can’t wait to read more about your continuing success x


    So cool that you got to be on Canada AM! And that is totally something that would happen to me (except with my luck I wouldn’t have ended up being on time haha). Love the new blog name and look!


    Oh man, this story was a such a ride. At first, I was like “wow, what an awesome thing for her!” and then I was like “Oh no, she really missed out” and then finally, “I am so glad it all worked out! So yay and congratulations to you!

    And I love the new name/look!


    Stunning! Love that skirt. 🙂

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

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