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I am not a beauty blogger. I don’t know all the latest make-up trends, however, I know the importance of make-up and how it can accentuate your best features. As we age there are a few tips that women may not know about

  1. Take care of your eyebrows – maintain them (pluck, wax or thread), if they are sparse fill them in (you can use a pencil or eyeshadow).
  2. Wear blush – it highlights our cheekbones and gives us a nice glow. We ALL need some nice glow
  3. Wear Mascara – this helps draw attention to our sparkly eyes

When Make Up Forever wanted to send me a few samples of their newest mascara, I figured why not? The one thing I have learned about mascara it is one item that is always over sold. What I mean is that most products promise a lot and VERY FEW deliver. I don’t have a particular favourite mascara so I was game to try something that wasn’t going to cost me anything. This is what the press release stated:

Smoky Extravagant, the latest innovation created for performers, and desired by the audience. A must-have for every woman, it envelopes lash surface in ultra-black pigments for extravagant impact from any distance and precision up-close. The pro quality cone shaped brush has an instant effect in one stroke – the precision tip separates and accentuates lashes as the rounded base creates extravagant volume from any distance. 

Innovative Formula:

− P i g m e n t –  Intensely black Natural Mineral Pigments made of Micronized Iron Oxide coat the eyelash with an ultra high concentration of dark pigment. These tiny micro-particles are better able to fully coat each lash with more opaque color, and have better absorption of light for a strong intense black. The use of Natural Mineral Pigments makes it safe for sensitive eyes or contact wearers.

− Volume, Length and Curl – A base of Wax Complex and Abyssinian Oil allows Smoky Extravagant to easily glide on and remain smudge-proof during wear, but also easily wash off when removal is desired. The Duo of Polymers adheres and coats every single lash and provides maximum length. A unique Bio-Extender strengthens hair fiber and helps to extend the end of the lash.

− N o u r i s h m e n t –Panthenol Pro-vitamin B5 restructures eyelashes by covering, nourishing and protecting them from environmental effects.

The Brush:

− Equally as important as an innovative formula is a revolutionary brush. It utilizes Tynex Fiber on all 580 bristles on the brush, which leaves the lashes combed, lifted and elongated with exceptional separation.

− Rather than a straight brush, Smoky Extravagant has a unique conic shape which allows every lash to be coated from root to tip. The conic shape is designed with a fine brush tip to reach even the smallest of lashes effortlessly and a full base to deliver high impact length and curl at first stroke. Inside the bottle, the wiper is designed to dispense enough product while remaining clump free.

Smoky Extravagant review

It seems to good to be true, I can honestly say it lives up to the press release for me. I have fairly long lashes, I want them thicker. The brush coated every one of my lashes, leaving them thick and full. I always struggle with catching every lash and this brush got every one. Another issue I have with most brushes is that my lashes clump together and don’t separate, it didn’t happen with Smoky Extravagant. I honestly felt like I was wearing fake eyelashes (not a full set but those little batches you add), it took me a little white to get used to the mascara, my lashes felt heavy.  The pigment is a nice deep black that really high lights the eyes and looks rich. I was very pleasantly surprised. It actually delivered on all it’s points. For me this is a great addition to any make-up stash. Smoky Extravagant mascara is available in Sephora stores Canada,, and Make Up Forever boutiques (in the US here). This mascara costs $28, it is a premium product and I think it delivers. For those mascara lovers I say try this one, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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    Nice post! I’m always looking for the next fabulous mascara 😉



      Thanks Monica! I don’t do a lot of beauty reviews (been asked many a times) but this product really impressed me. If you do buy it let me know what you think.


    Darling, you look fabulous and I so like your interview 🙂 I wish I would look like you when I have 4 kids 😀
    Check out my new post 🙂

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