Sep 182013

My life has changed dramatically this September. My youngest child is now in school, full time, five days a week. The first time I dropped him off to school I thought I was going to break down in tears. Thank goodness my husband was there to give me strength and not traumatize my son. I miss having him around. He was my little buddy and I took him everywhere (to be quite honest I take my kids everywhere with me, with the exception of adult type places). He has stopped crying in the mornings when I tell him he has to go to school, made many new friends and is even learning French (my children go to a French school). I’ve kept myself very busy and am now used to being alone. A quick and casual outfit post is definitely in order.

Anyone else in the same boat? How you handling you’re new freedom? I do admit I love the fact the bathroom door stays closed and it only takes me 5 minutes when I run in to get one item at the grocery store!

Oh and what a stupid place to take a picture. I have plants growing out of my head. I should not have shared but oh well.

tshirt time 2

Jeans, Gap (old but similar here, love these). Tee, Express. Booties, Gap (old, but love these). Belt, Cassis (old). Watch, Michael Kors.

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  12 Responses to “T-Shirt Time”


    Great casual look Iva !

    Minimalist look with crop top, today on


    Looking good Iva. And yes my little George has just started school as well but I rather enjoy the peace. Like you say, it is so much easier to get through a shop without having to drag a small one with you.

    And it’s time to get my little Gap boots out as well.


    Sometimes it has to be a casual outfit but always in style, your booties are great!
    I have that “new freedom” too as both my children are at university now. Empty nest…

    Annette | Lady of Style


    I have literally the same outfit that I wear all the time!!!
    My son just started Montessori and I don’t go back to work until the end of the month, so I am in your boat. Weird to have the whole day, 5 days a week to myself!!!
    xo Emma
    **Skinny Sweats Giveaway in the blog!!!


    I was down to one kid with my oldest in Kindergarten but it is so quiet with just one. NO fighting lol. But everyone is home this week with some bug that was picked up at school…


    Very cute look!
    I am patiently, PATIENTLY waiting for that day Iva. I still have Ava with me for one more year! I’m just excited for 2 free hours when she starts her intro to preschool class later this month. Not sure what I will do with myself. :/


    I love this casual look. Hot jeans. I need a pair like those. I also love the booties!



    I love your outfit! And your booties too. I think you just convinced me that I need a pair. lol.

    Enjoy your quiet days. You’ll get used to it soon and find more than enough to fill your time. I did! And, your kids will be glad they don’t have to run to the grocery store with you anymore. 🙂



    One of my favourite looks for you – this is just gorgeous.
    Your hair looks AMAZING and so nice to see you so casual and yet so polished and chic with it!



    You look great! And well done for not breaking down in tears on your son’s first school day… I have a year to go until my first one starts and I’m already dreading it, ha! Have a great weekend 🙂


    So cute look!

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