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I have to say I am jumping on the menswear inspired looks this fall. For me the quintessential menswear look that I am obsessed with has to be a blazer/sweater/button down combination. That being said if I’m not wearing the right clothing/cut for this trend them I am going to look like a brick. I am a curvy women that’s had children, when I wear layers and a blazer there are two rules I need to follow:
1. Blazer has to be fitted and come in at the waste. If the blazer is straight that will add bulk around my chest and mid section hiding my natural waist and curves giving me the shape of a brick or lollipop. Neither one is good. The blazer I am wearing here is cut perfectly, coming in and showing off my natural waist with no added bulk in the fabric.
2. The sweater I choose has to be a thin knit. Again if I add a bulky sweater there is no shape making me look wide. Thin knits for my frame are the only way, plus putting a bulky sweater under a fitted blazer would look horrible, think over stuffed turkey or linebacker in football.
I love this borrowed from the boys look.
Boys & Blazers 3
I have to admit I am bit of a denim snob. There are a few reasons for this (cut and denim quality) but the most important one was length. Premium priced denim was always longer and fit my tall frame. When I saw that Old Navy had denim in Tall I was a bit hesitant to try them. However, after trying to find a pair of distressed jeans at a reasonable price I figured these would do it. I’ve washed them once and worn them a dozen times and they are keeping their shape. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes with them but so far I’m am a fan. Great price point for trend pieces.
Boys & Blazers 2
Red lips just seem a good idea all the time.
Boys & Blazers 1
Blazer, (old, love here & here). Sweater, Banana Republic. Button Down, Gap. Jeans, Old Navy (CA here, US here). Shoes, Kate Spade (old, love these, these and these). Necklace, Ann Taylor. Watch, Michael Kors (old). Earrings, c/o Cocoa Jewelry (here). Lips, NARS (here)
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    oooh this looks amazing – I am going to steal your style on this one!!




    I am that same sweater, love your look!!


    You look amazing! I am also a denim snob and I am loving Old Navy jeans as well.
    xo Emma


    You look great! Denim that fits and that STAYS fitting to you is a rare find!


    Love this look! Those blue heels are a great contrast to the whole outfit!



    Love this look and your shoes are absolutely magnificent!


    Amazing outfit!! You look gorgeous! Love it!



    I love this whole outfit you look gorgeous!


    I love this look! I especially love how yyou have paired the menswear look with the very bling necklace – perfect:)

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