Oct 102013

I have never discussed much other then style in the posts of my blog. That being said, I have a lot of opinions on a variety of topics and love to debate. Today I’m going to share a little story that covers parenting and politics. First a little background from anyone not living in Ontario. [Read more…]

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Oct 092013

Some of you who read my blog regularly may wonder why I have roots again. Well this picture was taken a few weeks ago and I’m just getting to posting it…I’m behind on my blog just like in real life. These blue pants were a great purchase and I love wearing them with these brightly [Read more…]

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Oct 082013
Borrowed from the Boys

I have to say I am jumping on the menswear inspired looks this fall. For me the quintessential menswear look that I am obsessed with has to be a blazer/sweater/button down combination. That being said if I’m not wearing the right clothing/cut for this trend them I am going to look like a brick. I [Read more…]

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Oct 072013
Fancy Dancy

I was wearing this outfit one night last week last week. All 4 of  my kids have swimming lessons that evening at staggered times and I would be  getting them fed, changed, showered, occupied, dropping off at the supervised play section, helping with homework and running around the facilities to get them at the pool [Read more…]

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Oct 032013
Handbag Lust

The Fall Tiffany leather collection is just exquisite, featuring rich leathers, jewel tones, luxurious satin and attention to detail. I wanted to share a few of my favourite picks. We can never get enough of Tiffany’s.

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Oct 022013
When you hear hoof beats, think Zebra Prints

I have no roots, the weather is very warm, Fall TV is in full swing and I have the perfect coat. We all know how much I love leopard prints, well zebra prints can be pretty terrific too. Life is good. It’s the little things people! I really like how subtle this zebra print is. [Read more…]

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Oct 012013
Lots of Layers

I like this camo jacket and booties. I can’t help it, I live in the real world and in the real world we wear things more then once. I hope everyone had a nice Monday. Don’t worry, I am totally aware that my roots are horrible and causing my style credibility to be called into [Read more…]

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