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I was in my first year of university when Grunge was THE trend. I attended the University of Waterloo, for those of you not familiar with the school it has faculties for Science, Engineering and Math – some of Canada’s brightest science minds are alumni. I am a very proud Waterloo grad but fashion and style were hard to find on campus in the mid to late 90s (not sure what it’s like today). None of my room mates really cared about style or fashion, I would help them only when they asked but other then that I never got involved in their clothing choices (I really wanted to though). However, when it came to makeup that was a different story, I used to do my room mates makeup and I helped a few understand why shaping your eyebrows was a good thing. I really was the odd one out. It was easy to find me in a photo (beside the fact I’m always the tallest) when we were together.

Grunge was a great trend for that school. Of all the trends I’ve embraced Grunge was very much out of my comfort zone, but it was the 90s, I was away from home attending university and discovering who I was. Grunge was everywhere, plaid shirts, t’s, ill fitting jeans, leather jackets, toques, I mean it really was an ugly trend and I embraced it and rocked it out. I rocked it so hard that I rocked it right out of my system after first year university and never looked back, or so I thought.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen my pictures of Lacoste Footwear Spring Summer 2014 preview, It was a great preview and lots of wonderful styles, colours and textures for footwear. I always have fun when I go to previews and dress for fun, then go home and change into my “everyday” clothes. For this preview I decided to go casual but wear these great Nine West studded pointy toe heels. I called this look “Glam Lumberjack” in my mind. I ran into twenty something blogger Elaisha Jade from and she informed me that I was very “Grunge” that day and was doing it right. I just stopped talking and went over what I was wearing (in my head) and realized that Grunge had found me almost 20 years later and was having the last laugh.

 Grunge 1

Leather Jacket ✔

Plaid Shirt ✔

Toque ✔

The updated Grunge look includes great jeans & heels. I just blocked the whole Grunge trend out of my memory. I do like  Grunge 2.0 on me. DAMN!

Grunge 2

I told you I was obsessed with this toque but I lost it and am wondering if I should go to Target and buy another one? I’m just afraid it’ll show up in my house somewhere.

Grunge 3

Grunge 4

I had to smooth out my hat hair.

Thanks to my friend Marija who wore this great plaid shirt to my house, I promptly went to Zara and bought it the next day.

Grunge 5

Jacket, Danier (old). Shirt, Zara. Jeans, Yoga Jeans (here). Shoes, c/o Nine West (CA here & here, US here, sale here), Toque & Scarf, Target. Belt, Danier.

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    Ah, grunge… I knew you would be back! I was deep into this look in the early/mid 90’s and I am happy that more luxe version is having a comeback!!
    This look is perfection!
    xo Emma


    This is one of my fave looks on you. I love it!



    Love this plaid shirt on you! You look fab as usual!

    P.s. Thanks for linking up!

    Deanne Castro

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