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I was going to do a great casual post with accessories and a coat, plus a hat. I mean I was going to really blow your style mind. Then I realized it was raining, miserable and cold outside plus I was on hot lunch duty at school so really we’re lucky that I even posted today. I was also lucky that I didn’t throw on my yoga pants and go about my busy day. (I am boycotting Lululemon, their CEO called me fat and said all their problems are because of my body. Okay, he didn’t say me specifically but that’s the way he made me feel. I helped make him a billionaire and now he’s selling subpar product and blaming his customer. Let me make one thing clear it is not ME it is HIS CRAPPY product. Feel much better getting that off my chest.)

poncho 1

I am wearing an oversized turtleneck and basic jeans, threw on this poncho and voila! Ready for my day with a great casual outfit.

poncho 3

poncho 2

Poncho, Banana Republic (old). Sweater, GAP (US here, EU here). Jeans, Yoga Jeans (old, similar here). Boots, Hunter from Sporting Life (US here). Bracelet, J Crew (old). Bag, LV.

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  10 Responses to “Lazy Dressing at its Best”


    I have no issues with this lazy outfit – it’s lovely!


    Casual – Chic – and Cute!!! Hopped over from Style Elixir.


    Love this look! Perfect for lunch duty (not to sound bouj, but that bag is great for a day out with kids- it holds SO much stuff).
    I am glad that you put the Lululemon issue on the blog- the quality of their product has declined drastically in recent years, yet he blames anyone who is not a size 2 on any pilling or thinning of their purchase. Super lame and uncool. Also he is a racist pig.
    xo Emma


    You know how I feel about navy…am ALL about it! Love this poncho.
    And about Lululemon…I am with you. Their product used to be so amazing and now? Now the manager directs me to the local seamstress supply to buy a defuzzer? On $100 yoga pants? NOT ok.


    I love the casual look! It’s easy and put together–something I’m still working on. 🙂

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