Nov 122013
Lazy Dressing at its Best

I was going to do a great casual post with accessories and a coat, plus a hat. I mean I was going to really blow your style mind. Then I realized it was raining, miserable and cold outside plus I was on hot lunch duty at school so really we’re lucky that I even posted [Read more…]

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Nov 112013
Grunge 2.0

I was in my first year of university when Grunge was THE trend. I attended the University of Waterloo, for those of you not familiar with the school it has faculties for Science, Engineering and Math – some of Canada’s brightest science minds are alumni. I am a very proud Waterloo grad but fashion and [Read more…]

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Nov 072013
My Face - C/O Vichy

When I hit 30 I noticed things started to change all over the place on me, by the time I was 35 I had four children in four and a half years and you know it’s going to get interesting (body wise). With age things are going to be different and honestly I’m OK with [Read more…]

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Nov 052013
Fur & Plaid

I went shopping with a girlfriend and she bought a great faux fur vest from Banana Republic. I had to borrow it and style it with my plaid pants (last seen here), try something new. It’s human nature to follow a “uniform”. That uniform can get us into a boring rut, I just figured why [Read more…]

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Nov 042013
Wet & Cold

That was the weather we’ve been experiencing in Toronto. Yeah Us! It’s November so what else could we expect? I’m dressed for the cold (turtleneck & vest) and for the rain (hunter boots). Got it all covered. The belt just highlights my natural waist and makes the outfit dressier. Vest, Banana Republic (US here, EU here, [Read more…]

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