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I’m not exaggerating!

My daughter is a girly girl (I wonder where she gets that from) and she loves everything pretty, fluffy and sparkly. I am so happy with that. I have mother’s from school commenting on G’s fashion choices, she’s daring – faux fur vests, gold jeans, lots of sparkle, plus loads of skirts and dresses. When I received an e-mail inviting me to Triple Flip’s newest store opening in the Yonge and Eglinton area and a chance to review that store I figured my daughter would be happy – she received a $150 gift card and I got much needed time with her. I had honestly never heard of Triple Flip before that, I quickly googled the company and browsed the website. The clothes looked right up her alley and their target audience is tween girls. I knew she would be happy I didn’t realize I would make her year. She literally shouted with happiness and joy. My ears are still ringing. She had one friend who owned lots of Triple Flip items especially the coveted Minky products which come with their own warning label “Warning: it is extremely risky to try on this butter-soft little number. It’s so outrageously luxurious, you may never want to take it off”. It’s a dimply soft fabric that is used for jackets, pants, scarves and mittens (to name a few items) and it is unbelievable soft.

There are several things I like about Triple Flip; firstly, they encourages girls to be active; secondly, Triple Flip embraces all the changes tween girls are going through and offers them some fun items; lastly they use real girls – called Flip Girls – as their models. The store is well lit, well maintained and staffed with friendly, knowledgable and customer focused young women. Service is what keeps me coming back to most stores and I see lots of Triple Flip in my life. Product selection is carefully curated with many high end brands like Uggs and Hudson Jeans.  Prices are a reflection of the quality products they carry. This is Lululemon (I’m not going there today, I’ve had a great day) for tween girls with the addition of street clothes – brilliant.

triple flip 1

triple flip 2

Minky Mittens – I was told they were a must.

triple flip 7

triple flip 5

triple flip 3

triple flip 6

The Minky Suit – every tween girls must have. It comes in a variety of colours and a few styles. My daughter wants one in green and it’s on Santa’s list.

triple flip 9

Posing hard already.

triple flip 8

triple flip 10

 Triple Flip just introduced the Minky Onesie that I am modelling. I don’t get the appeal of the onesie but I know it is going to fly off the shelves. My daughter thought I was pretty amazing in it. I can see why girls are going crazy for Triple Flip. I was pretty impressed as well. I know Santa is going to be there lots.

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  4 Responses to “Triple Flip – Review that made me MOM OF THE YEAR”


    Triple flip is definitely one of my daughter’s favorite stores as well. I think its still a hidden gem to most as they only have a few locations in GTA. Santa is delivering a Purple Minky:)

    Keep up the great work Iva!


    Your lil one is a fashionista in the making. Onezies are comfy, and i would only wear them at home and laze around..they are the best thing after baby onezies!!


    Rosacea! Boo.

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