Jan 292014
Polar Vortex - #Winning

The city of Toronto has had more water main breaks this year than in the last 20 – the Polar Vortex is winning (more on this in a bit). Another day and I am still relying on pictures I took a few weeks ago because I am just too cold to go outside and take [Read more…]

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Jan 232014
Wii Fit U Update & 2 TV Segments

The past two weeks have been busy day for me – With Monday January 20th being the big day. At 10 am I was on daytime Toronto (Roger’s TV), Val Cole and I discussed inexpensive and gorgeous options inspired by Hollywood’s Award Season. Then at 2 pm you found me on Steven and Chris (CBC) [Read more…]

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Jan 222014
Frozen & Wearing Ripped Jeans

Toronto is in a deep freeze. Thank God I took pictures last week because there is no way I am venturing out in -20 C weather (without the wind chill) for outfit pictures. Plus what am I going to feature? My Canada Goose jacket and hat with my face covered so I don’t get wind [Read more…]

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Jan 202014
Camo & Leopard

I have spent a lot of time at Yorkdale over the last two weeks…I can officially say I am all shopped out. Don’t worry, I wasn’t shopping for myself, I am still being fiscally responsible. I had to style a few TV segments and it is a lot of work. While it is cold in [Read more…]

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Jan 172014

I just thought I would end the week with a song I cannot get out of my head, Pay Day, by Canadian East Coast rapper Classified. I love this guy – catchy lyrics, relatable situations and he’s funny. He’s also the guy behind Inner Ninja and 3 Feet Tall. My kids love him too. He’s [Read more…]

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Jan 162014
I am Still Alive

Just a quick post – I am alive and doing well and still blogging. I will explain, lots of excuses don’t make it ok. But you will understand and please come back. I missed you too. My camera is a bit wonky but I just had to post for proof of life.  Blouse, Joe Fresh. [Read more…]

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Jan 132014
Review - Wii Fit U

My family is a Nintendo family; I have always been a Nintendo fan. It started when I was younger and my sisters and I were introduced to Nintendo 64, Super Mario and the Power Pad. Remember the Power Pad? For me, the Power Pad made gaming interesting and interactive, something to actually physically do besides [Read more…]

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Jan 072014
Happy 2014!

It’s been a while since my last post. I was going to have a great pre-Christmas post and a few more New Years outfits (I already took all the pictures for those) and then family happened. I just decided it could all wait till the kids were back in school and my husband was back [Read more…]

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