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Toronto is in a deep freeze. Thank God I took pictures last week because there is no way I am venturing out in -20 C weather (without the wind chill) for outfit pictures. Plus what am I going to feature? My Canada Goose jacket and hat with my face covered so I don’t get wind burn or frost bite? I wore my ripped jeans all last week. I love ripped jeans, ever since Sam from “Who’s the Boss?” had to fight her dad Tony to get a pair, I have been obsessed. There is constant debate between myself and other over 35 year old bloggers on how “age appropriate” they are or what age is the cut off. I think I’m still OK. I even bought my daughter a couple of pairs. Would love to hear your thoughts.

What is missing in these photos is my big black coat that I wear and leave in my car while I am running in and out of the shopping mall. It’s been my second home and I know every inch of the place now.

A friend of mine from Chile recently moved to Canada, her and her husband said that Canadians need two winter coats, one for -5 and another for -20. They are right.

I have been getting some requests for my Steven and Chris segment, the link can be found here. Just a note only Canadians can watch it, Americans have a separate link and unfortunately it is not available for anyone else. For a quick photo recap on how I styled jailhouse stripes you can click here. It is also posted on my FB pages.

Anyway here is my outfit post.

Plaid blazer 2

Plaid blazer 1

Blazer, Banana Republic. Shirt & Jeans, Gap. Boots, c/o Ecco. Belt, Tory Burch (old).

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  17 Responses to “Frozen & Wearing Ripped Jeans”


    You look amazing – suffering for your art is a good thing when you look this good!


    Ripped jeans are totally acceptable, especially the elegantly distressed ones you are wearing here!
    Love the pairing with the school boy blazer!
    xo Emma


    I agree, taking photos during these colder days is hard! Sometimes I wish we could have a green screen in my house that I could just place a sunny background in ever photo lol.


    I love ripped jeans like the ones you have here. I do not like destroyed ones where you wonder if there is any actual pant left. Still I find it hard to explain to my daughter why they are cool. They just are 😉


    I love destroyed jeans and I’m 50. I like the texture. I don’t have a pair but I’m seriously tempted.


    You look great, Iva! Who cares about age – they look great on you!

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    You wear the cuffed jeans well with this boots!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)


    I wear ripped jeans all of the time and I’m 43. I think it depends on what you pair with the jeans. I always try to add some polish or even bling to my other pieces. Crop top, ripped tshirt, or an old lady pastel flower sweater set would be a no. 🙂



    first I am so glad I stumbled across your blog!! I am a newly 40 yr trying to break out of a fashion frump – I mean slump, and I really enjoy your blog!

    i love love LOVE ripped jeans. Just love them. I don’t think there is an age limit to them but its all in HOW you wear them (although I can not stand the ripped skinny jeans, I despise those rather passionalty)


    I need jeans like yours in my life!

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