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It’s been a while since my last post. I was going to have a great pre-Christmas post and a few more New Years outfits (I already took all the pictures for those) and then family happened. I just decided it could all wait till the kids were back in school and my husband was back to a regular work schedule. It was so much fun being able to spend time together – the six of us went to our first movie together. I’ve taken my kids to the movies and same with my husband but never the both of us together. We watched “Frozen” and we all loved it. Olaf is my favourite!

I’ve made a few resolutions as well and really they’re pretty standard

  • Eat healthier and exercise – this is the most common one for the new year.  I’m committed to make some changes and go back to my former healthier ways. This past year has been one of adjustment. I finally feel like I am part of the work force and juggling family and career has NOT been easy.
  • Financial Responsibility – enough said!
  • Be Present – put away the technology and take part in whatever is going around

That’s it. Nothing mind blowing. I try and not make resolutions but I would like to change a few things in life so we’ll see how I do…

Here is one of the posts I had planned to share last year.

Sparkle & Couch 4

Sparkle & Couch 3

Sparkle & Couch 2

Sparkle & Couch

Coat and Top, Club Monaco. Jeans, Gap. Booties, c/o Banana Republic.

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    We have basically the same resolutions. Financial responsibility and healthier living are two HUGE ones for me this year.
    xo Emma


    Happy New Year Iva!! I’m not really one for resolutions – I’m just trying to be more mindful of everything that I do and enjoy all the little things more – it can be so easy to get wrapped up in the whirlwind of things happening around us 🙂

    Love this outfit! I got my first pair of boyfriend jeans on sale at the Gap and I was wondering if I’d be able to wear them in the cooler weather! Maybe not THIS weather unless they are tucked into my snow boots but I love the look with booties. I’ll try it out and see if my short self can pull it off 😉 Hope to see you soon!


      It’s more of a footwear issue than anything else. I think it’s all about the booties to make this a transitional piece.


    Happy New Year Iva. Looking lovely as always. I don’t do resolutions either … but I think the one about ‘being present’ is one that I should adopt. Very easy to get caught up in Twitter etc, especially now that we have all platforms on our phones. Will definitely try to adopt that one x


    I have a few resolutions, some for the blog (doing more store reviews, focus on the main site more), and some for myself, mostly working out regularly. We (my fam) have alot of change coming up in 2014 so just being organized and getting up to speed professionally are big ones.

    Love this coat. You are making me feel like I NEED a camel coat.


    I love this combo on you – that coat and top are gorge!


    My resolution was to put God first and refocus my crazy life with kids, husband and social media (and not always in that order)!! I love how you’ve paired this amazing beweled top with the boyfriend jeans and ankle boots. Love it! I look forward to your blog posts because you give me the best ideas to try next!


    Happy New Year Iva! Love this top…just gorgeous.
    I don’t make resolutions either but the beginning of a new, fresh year always makes me want to eat better, drink more water and try to exercise. I have done none of those thus far.

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