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The city of Toronto has had more water main breaks this year than in the last 20 – the Polar Vortex is winning (more on this in a bit). Another day and I am still relying on pictures I took a few weeks ago because I am just too cold to go outside and take pictures. What have I really been wearing? Canada Goose coat, my Manitobah Mukluks, baby blue ski gloves (all my leather gloves leave my fingers frozen), my embellished Club Monaco toque and my Danier leopard infinity scarf. I will get you a picture. It’s the gloves that kill the look, but I am just so cold I don’t care. I will post a picture just so you can all laugh…we all need a good laugh when it’s -30 something with wind chill. Anyone else in the same Polar Vortex style rut as me?

I spent the weekend in Chicago. The weather was just as bad, but since it was a  weekend away I didn’t complain. Road trip with another couple, we ate, drank, shopped and enjoyed.  The city is just so pretty, I’m hoping to get back in the spring. Customer service in Chicago is top notch, especially at Coach and Ferragamo. More on that later in the week.

Leoaprd Blouse & Ripped Jeans 3

See the city workers in the background? We had our water shut off for a few hours over a two day period, not sure if it was a water main break or not. The men had a good laugh at me running in and out in all my different outfits. I felt like a fool but a woman’s got to do her outfit posts.

I absolutely adore this leopard print silk blouse from Joe Fresh. I have purchased some wonderfully expensive silk blouses in the past and you know what happens? Sticky oily little fingers touch me and ruin them, and the blouses end up in the trash. So for now Joe Fresh it is, oh and Express and Banana Republic. Wait till you see the other blouses. I am on a blouse kick right now.

Oh and yes I know that my feet look cold. I promise you I’m not freezing.

Leoaprd Blouse & Ripped Jeans 1Jeans, Gap. Blouse, Joe Fresh. Coat, Club Monaco. Shoes, Ferragamo. Handbag, Coach. Gloves, Danier.

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  7 Responses to “Polar Vortex – #Winning”


    I wear pretty much the same thing. My parka, some sort of toque pulled over my ears, sorels and fleece lined mits. A version of my valentines day outfit but way less cute.


    These days it’s my M Coat (four winters and counting, just without the baby bump panel), toque, mittens, infinity scarf and my massive Sorel boots. It’s so attractive. I cannot wait to go to Florida in March and be (hopefully) warm!
    xo Emma


    It’s been JUST ridiculous hasn’t it. My face almost froze yesterday walking my Ava to her preschool class. Not sure how much more I can handle before I pack it in and head south!


    Oh geez, I gave up my leather gloves back in November. Sigh. I miss them! You’re definitely not the only one stuck in a Polar Vortex rut! Every morning I layer as much as I can in order to stay warm outside, AND inside (it’s freezing in our office!) Great look Iva! I love the pumps!

    Bold Subtlety


    Oh no…I feel for you…that’s a LONG time for that kind of super cold weather. We get a bit of snow for max a week and we’re all drama! So kudos for getting those shots done – you must have been freezing and I love the workmen in the background…adds a grittiness to the photos – lol. Keep warm lovely and hope the thaw comes soon. Avril x


    Oh my! Your footwear is adorable! I’m quite tall too, with a good size 12 foot and rarely do I wear heels. These have been my winter footwear of choice. Yes, in red! They put a smile on my face ever day!


    You look so hot-to-trot in this outfit its ridicks. I love this outfit!


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