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My family is a Nintendo family; I have always been a Nintendo fan. It started when I was younger and my sisters and I were introduced to Nintendo 64, Super Mario and the Power Pad. Remember the Power Pad? For me, the Power Pad made gaming interesting and interactive, something to actually physically do besides sitting on a couch and only working out your thumbs.

When I was approached by Nintendo to review Wii Fit U, I immediately said yes for several reasons. I am struggling to get to the gym and I thought this would be a great way to kick start a fitness routine. I loved playing on the Power Pad so I wanted to try the Wii Balance Board. I also thought that my kids would think I was pretty amazing if Nintendo wanted to work with me! Nintendo provided me with the Mario & Luigi Wii U Deluxe Set, Wii Balance Board, Fit Meter and I downloaded the game from the Nintendo eShop for this review.

“Fitness That Fits”

That’s Wii Fit U’s tagline, and for my life it fits perfectly. I love the fact that Nintendo has created so many options that make working out fun on my time, and it’s not intimidating. Right now, if you own Wii U and a balance board, you can download the game for a free 31-day trial period, or if you purchase the Fit Meter for $19.99, you can keep the game forever. You download Wii Fit U from the Wii U console using Nintendo eShop at home whenever you want, no need to scour the video game section of any store to look for this game or many other games for that matter. The Nintendo eShop is so easy to use because it connects to your WIFI and all you do is click a couple of things and done, game is located permanently on your console and ready to be played. I really like the fact that it stays on your console, no need to search for a disc. I honestly have video game discs scattered around my basement, but this one will never be lost.

What I noticed right away was all the variety this game has to offer. Want a serious workout? Wii Fit U has it covered. My favourite mode is the Personal Trainer Mode. I can choose how many calories I want to burn and the length of my workout, then my “personal trainer” Sven (yes I named it!) puts together a wonderful workout for me using exercises I told it I liked. These workouts are unique with lots of variety, unlike some of the classes I’ve taken that repeat the same thing over and over again. Sven is doing a great job. When I become really good at an activity, I unlock a harder activity that keeps me motivated and tests my abilities.


Sven Workout 2

Sven Workout

Fun 3

You know what’s even better? Say you want to work out with Sven but Scandal is on and you need to see what Olivia Pope is doing. Well, the GamePad allows you to watch TV and work out! You just put the GamePad in front of you, track your workout and watch Olivia at the same time. To be honest, it’s one of my favourite features.

Want to get your entire family moving and having fun? Wii Fit U has mini games that will keep you entertained and get your heart rate pumping. I love the obstacle courses, having snowball fights and playing racquetball. The entire family is weirdly addicted to the trampoline game. I dare you to try it, but be warned you will be dreaming of jumping as high as you can and sticking your landing in the centre of the trampoline. The leaderboard keeps score and shows the entire family who the true winner is. I’m saying me regardless!

wii kids 7

wii kids 4

wii kids 9

The Fit Meter acts as a pedometer and altimeter. It collects all your data and sends it to the Wii Fit U software and all that extra movement gets added to your activity log. You can even set goals with your meter and track your progress… with a bit of a spin. Had a great walk? Wii Fit U will show you how that walk would look like on the Great Wall of China, or even in Central Park.


You can join a virtual gym in Miiverse. Nintendo has really created a fun virtual space where you can join various gyms, which include big national ones. These gyms allow you to see what various members are doing, as well as group stats. If you have friends that own Wii Fit U, you can create your own private gym that only you and your members can access. This will allow you to keep motivated and help each other through those days you just don’t want to do anything.

I wasn’t surprised with how much I enjoyed Wii Fit U. There were some areas that I would improve, like adding licensed music to the Dance Mode or making the graphics on my Great Wall of China better. However, it doesn’t take away how great the workouts are or how much fun I can have with my kids. It really is “Fitness that Fits”.


Please note this post was sponsored by Nintendo, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  I only partner with brands that I firmly believe in, that represent my lifestyle and that I would fully recommend.

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    Sounds like fun! I would love the watching regular TV while I workout feature! I haven’t played Nintendo since I had a Gameboy back in the 90’s! But my Husband just started to introduce video games to the kids with his old Xbox, and they were loving it, but the Wii would probably be more their speed and more total body interaction.


    Oooh what fun- I keep meaning to get one of these and I think you’ve just inspired me a little bit more!


    sounds like very fun for us and for children ! 🙂


    Ah, first off…can we talk about how natural and gorgeous you look in these photos?? Jesus.
    And I want it. We have the original Wii and the balance board…hmmm. I should probably try a workout non?
    Loved this post!


    This just looks like great fun for all the family. Love the pictures of the kids using it too. Great review.


    Wow … if it guaranteed that I’d look like you at the end, you can sign me up now!! Sounds like a lot of fun and the lazy mare in me, quite likes the idea of doing a workout whilst watching tv 🙂 And your kids are just gorgeous incidentaly … love the looks of intense concentration!


    Such a great post, Iva!!! I must admit I was addicted to Mario when I was younger. I have a Wii, and I’ve been meaning to try the Wii Fit. Love your review, and I’ll definitely pick one up now!

    xo Jenny


    Perhaps workout posts could be integrated into your blog?

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