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The past two weeks have been busy day for me – With Monday January 20th being the big day. At 10 am I was on daytime Toronto (Roger’s TV), Val Cole and I discussed inexpensive and gorgeous options inspired by Hollywood’s Award Season. Then at 2 pm you found me on Steven and Chris (CBC) as I offered tips on how to wear the latest trend – Jailhouse stripes. Even though life and work have been really busy my energy levels are high since I’ve decided to become healthier.

Undertaking any work out regime is difficult – putting it out on the Internet so everyone knows and starting it right before the holiday season is intimidating. It’s been over a month since Nintendo approached me to review Wii Fit U and I have built my own exercise routine that includes going to the gym, Yoga and Strength Training (Personal Trainer option) on Wii Fit U and a more balanced diet. Moreover, my family and I enjoy a weekly game night with Wii Fit U where we challenge each other in snowball fights, luge and obstacle courses. This has sparked open and honest conversations about health, food and exercise as a family unit.

wii update 3

My biggest accomplishment so far had to be not gaining any weight during the holiday season. Between the holiday parties, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, getting together with friends after Christmas and New Year’s Eve it was a happy surprise. There is no miracle cure, no quick fix when it comes to health and weight – it’s about exercise and healthy eating. Getting to the gym proved difficult during that time for several reasons; Toronto was hit with a severe ice storm (we had power thank goodness but many other areas did not), I was in Windsor for several days and the kids weren’t in school. I relied on common sense to get me through – portion control, making sure I was eating my fruits and vegetables and moving with the kids which included playing Wii Fit U at night. It gets pretty competitive at our house and we’re all in t-shirts by the end of it. My husband is usually the first one to ask if we’re playing.

Being able to maintain my weight over the holidays motivated me to stick to my exercise routine. I try to go to the gym twice a week where I am both running on the treadmill or elliptical machine and doing weight classes. I am downloading data to Wii Fit U — all of my activity, mapping my progress from classes, and my day to day. This is a great way to keep all data in one place and I don’t have to remember to input numbers into an App. I just have to point and click. I’ve made more effort to walk and take the stairs. I like it when those bar graphs grow. Pulling for Steven and Chris was amazing and busy (first time on the show and I wanted to do my best); again I just couldn’t get to the gym but thank goodness for Sven. At home Sven and I do Yoga and he leads me through Strength Training routines. The Yoga routine Sven puts me through is challenging for me and works. I can do a quick 20-minute routine I’ve created (when in a time crunch) or select a random routine. I usually select a random routine because I like the variety.

wii update 2

The menus for Wii Fit U are easy to use and logical. In the Personal Trainer menu, I want Sven to take me through a Yoga session.

wii update 4

The big yellow circle with the small red dot in the above picture shows you how good my balance is. Some exercises are harder than others. I decided to highlight a position I am good at…

wii update 7

…And one I need a bit of practice with.

In the past when I was going to the gym I found that stretching and balance exercises were lacking in my workouts. I knew my body needed them but I couldn’t find the right time. My balance is better and my muscles feel longer. That’s one of the great things about Wii Fit U, it fits my schedule because it’s “Fitness that fits”.


Please note this post was sponsored by Nintendo, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  Nintendo provided me with the Mario & Luigi Wii U Deluxe Set, Wii Balance Board, Fit Meter and I downloaded the game from the Nintendo eShop for this review. I only partner with brands that I firmly believe in, that represent my lifestyle and that I would fully recommend.

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    I have the wii fit and I think I have to pull out the old balance board again. I loved doing it way back when and I could really use a little fitness in my life right now!
    xo Emma


    I’m with Emma above…Lord knows it’s not walking weather right now! 😮
    Good for you for staying so committed girl. xo

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