Feb 262014
Yorkdale Shopping Centre Celebrates 50 Years of Style

Yorkdale is turning 50 and I am so proud to be working with such an innovative, fun and kind group of individuals who represent the premier shopping destination in Canada. The press release below gives us all the information on how Yorkdale is celebrating 50 years of Style: TORONTO (February 24, 2014) – Yorkdale Shopping Centre, [Read more…]

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Feb 242014

I have been absent again – pulled my back out last week and have finally recovered from that. I am on CHCH Morning Live (Hamilton) tomorrow discussing the latest in Spring/Summer Shoe trends for 2014. The freezing weather is back but I am hoping to take a few outfit shots in doors. I’ve been living [Read more…]

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Feb 142014
She Cooks - Souvlaki-Style Pork Tenderloin

I enjoy cooking – I’m a good cook, not excellent, I don’t do complex recipes but can replicate a hearty simple meal with the best of them. I also have small children and that makes meal time “interesting” which is code for “really hard and difficult and annoying and I have to make the same [Read more…]

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Feb 132014
Geometric Prints - Ted Baker Inspiration

I usually do outfit posts but am trying something different, I am hoping to showcase some of my favourite looks from various retailers for SS2014. First up Ted Baker. I love Ted Baker – his bold colours and prints are a favourite of mine. Dresses made for women and their curves plus that cheeky British [Read more…]

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Feb 122014
Pop of Neon

Every year (for the past 5 years) I purchase one cashmere sweater. I usually purchase it at after Christmas during the winter sale season. This year I got this great neon yellow v-neck one from JCrew. The sales woman told me that her and other staff members were taking bets on how the colour would [Read more…]

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Feb 062014

Toronto was hit with another winter storm and had about 10 cm of snowfall. I’ve resorted to taking pictures inside. I’m wearing the shoes I wish I could wear with this outfit because I’m tired of wearing Sorels and Mukluks (I love them but the snow and cold is wearing on me). Peep toe booties [Read more…]

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Feb 042014
That time it wasn't -30 Celsius

The Polar Vortex has moved on and Toronto is enjoying temperatures of 2 to -8 degrees celsius. It feels like summer. Yes, that’s how off kilter we are now. The weather feels balmy and my mind keeps telling me to ditch the winter coat while my body reminds me I’m crazy. Before I post my [Read more…]

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