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I enjoy cooking – I’m a good cook, not excellent, I don’t do complex recipes but can replicate a hearty simple meal with the best of them. I also have small children and that makes meal time “interesting” which is code for “really hard and difficult and annoying and I have to make the same stuff over and over again”. I struggle with dinner time and lately I’ve been uninspired and lazy.

I recently joined Canadian Living Voices (Canadian LIving is a Canadian Lifestyle Magazine and one of the most popular magazines in Canada) and one of the great perks is I get a sneak peak of the Cover Recipe and I get to make it for my family. This is going to make cooking for the family fun – I tell my kids that they need to help me do my “work” and that this is very serious business. My first assignment was with the March issue which features a “Souvlaki-Style Pork Tenderloin with Mixed Vegetables“. The meal was easy, healthy and the whole family likes pork tenderloin. The first assignment was going to be a breeze.

CL Voices March Cover 2

CL Voices March Cover 1

The pork was a hit with the entire family and my daughter couldn’t get enough of the garlic yogurt sauce (which is also included in this recipe). My children tried all the vegetables (they were working and this was part of the job requirement) but stuck to the red peppers. Vegetables are tricky in my house and they don’t like potatoes or sweet potatoes except as french fries/sweet potato fries. Did I mention it’s lots of fun trying to make dinner!! My husband and I both enjoyed the meal, pork was tasty and the vegetable medley is light, healthy and delicious. I also loved the sauce, who knew all you had to do was add some minced garlic to greek yogurt and voila?! I can see this sauce as a go to in the summer during BBQ season not only for pork but with chicken as well.

I asked the family if I could make it again and they said yes because they LOVED the pork (and my daughter re-iterated how much she enjoyed the sauce) – my children asked for some raw carrots next time to eat with the meal. That’s OK, the adults will eat all the veggies. I call this a win.

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