Feb 242014

I have been absent again – pulled my back out last week and have finally recovered from that. I am on CHCH Morning Live (Hamilton) tomorrow discussing the latest in Spring/Summer Shoe trends for 2014. The freezing weather is back but I am hoping to take a few outfit shots in doors. I’ve been living in sweats and pyjamas because of the back issue last week and I didn’t want you to see how I “really” dress.

I’m also part of the Fysh Eyewear profiling sessions which is launching March 1st. Here’s a teaser of all the fantastic blogger talent selected to represent the Fysh philosophy. My hands also make an appearance…maybe I should consider being a hand model…

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 February 24, 2014  Posted by on February 24, 2014

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    Hope your back feels better. If you can send a video clip of your TV appearance do!

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