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I am NOT a baker. So when I received this recipe I thought I was going to break out in hives trying to make it. Thank goodness I went to Windsor during the March Break and enlisted my youngest sister, Rosie, to help me.

In closer inspection of this recipe here there really isn’t a lot of baking involved. You are making the custard and rhubarb sauce but are using pre-made cake which is very helpful.

Here are my tips for beginner trifle bakers:

  • -read the recipe over a few times before starting. There are a lot of steps and you want to be prepared.
  • -make sure you have blocks of time available when making this trifle.
  • -when making the custard whisk quickly. Don’t whisk gingerly while drinking your coffee. OK maybe that one’s just for me.

My big problem was I could not find any rhubarb (fresh, frozen or canned) and had to substitute it with something. A quick google search led me to substitute the rhubarb with cranberries – meaurement for measurement.

The Finished Product

The trifle was delicious, with lots of flavours that complimented each other. The tartness of the cranberries where off set by the sweetness of the strawberries and the home made orange vanilla bean custard is divine. This custard will be a staple in my baking life (I will give it a try again). For Rosie and I it was our favourite part of the recipe because it tasted amazing and for it’s versatity, you can use it with other cakes or serve on its own. It was truly a treat.

This trifle will impress your friends and is a perfect treat for spring and summer months. I did not add the edible flowers as garnish on top of the trifle but that would be simply perfect for the warmer months.





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