Mar 182014

March Break came and went – I was sick and so where two of my kids. This week has got to be better! World MasterCard Fashion Week started yesterday in Toronto so I am getting ready to be immersed in the Canadian Fashion scene. How appropriate that I’m wearing Danier and Tristan in today’s post.

Spring peaked its head out last week so I donned this black leather jacket and enjoyed some much needed temperature warm up. As we all know it didn’t last long. I took advantage of those 48 hours to at least show off my ankles.

black leather 3

black leather 2

black leather 1

Wearing Jacket, Danier. Tee, Tristan. Jeans, Gap. Shoes, Express.

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 March 18, 2014  Posted by on March 18, 2014

  20 Responses to “Black Leather Jacket”


    Iva, love this look and OMG- those SHOES!!!
    xo Emma


    Great look Iva! Love the casual look with the leather jacket! I just got one myself and don’t even know how I survived without one – it’s so versatile! Have a great week!

    Bold Subtlety


      I swear it’s one of those things that you forget about having then when you do get it you wonder what took you so long.


    Wow – those shoes are amazing! You totally rock this look – glad it’s getting warm enough to show the ankles too! x


    Great look! Comfortable but fashionable and edgy! Can’t wait for the temperature to warm up so I can throw a jacket on and get outside xo


    great look..i like your shoes


    Those shoes are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hope you feel better. Leather jacket is a classic.. can never go wrong with it 🙂

    Mrs Jack O All Trades


    love the shoes!


    Love this look . That jacket is hot.


    This is a look after my own heart. Love how the shoes pop!

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